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Hi people! It seems as though you've found my profile. While you're here, sit back, have a snack, and enjoy some fanfictions. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask.

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Writing with Sushi Blog #2 What is My Little Pony? Part 1 · 12:05am Sep 4th, 2015

Before I begin, this is a request from Thunder Power as they have just begun to delve into the mlp fandom and wish to know more. This is for anyone who is unsure about certain aspects of the show and don't want to search all over the wiki. I'm going to try and condense the basic ideas all into one nice little package with a big sparkly bow. Next blog will be about the characters specifically and staying in character whilst writing your very own fanfiction. :pinkiesmile: Without further ado, My

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1960533 Alrighty! I'll get to work on the next Writing with Sushi blog ASAP for you :derpytongue2: Thanks for the suggestion and I hope it'll prove helpful for your stories

Basically everything

1958924 what would you like to now? I'm happy to help!

Hi I'm rolling thunder but you can call me thunder I'm new and working on a story. I was wondering if you could tell me about my little pony this was a dare but now I'm kinda into it

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