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We got everything from sex to whacky/ dumb crossovers. Remember to comment, and like or dislike depending on if you liked the story or not, let other readers know if something's worth reading or not.

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This story is a sequel to Rainbow Dash's Fishy Bud

Rarity receives a letter from an anonymous admirer... In a quarry. Rarity's curiosity gets the better of her, and indulges upon the letters request, however her assailant is not when she expects it to be. A six armed five eyed spider woman!

Coverpic I got from Deviant Art, here.

An Undertale and MLP smashup. Contains spider giggles, spider treats, and spider spiders

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Fluttershy's Spooky Bud

Dash is enjoying her break when a strange fishy creature appears from the Everfree forest. At first she's willing to help the creature get back to her realm that she talks about, bu t now she's more focused on winning this contest the creature made.

Coverpic I got from Tumblr, here.

An Undertale and MLP smashup. Contains SICK GAINS and ACTS OF MASCULINITY.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Pinkie Pie's Skeletal Bud

Fluttershy does a little cleaning when a noise erupts from the Kitchen, Fluttershy is hesitant to inspect it, but does so anyway. Upon closer inspection, there's a spooky ghost in her kitchen, ooohhhh!

Coverpic I got from Tumblr, here.

An Undertale & MLP mashup. Contains minor spooks, with a side of possible dawws.

Chapters (1)

The Cakes got an order for a certain treat, one of the ingredients calls for a certain berry, and is known to grow only on the Everfree Forest. Pinkie gladly agrees to fetch the berries, and decides to take a break while she's there. Though strange things begin to happen, she decides to end her break early and goes back to the Bakery, until she is stopped by a strangely comical hooded skeleton.

Got the cover pic from the Tumblr Page here.

An Undertale & MLP mashup. Contains crappy puns and minor spooks.

Chapters (1)

Spike has come to terms, he feels like he needs to tell Rarity his feelings now rather than her be swept off her hooves later by some other handsome pony. But it's not who he expects it to be.

Cover Pic from Law44444 on Deviant Art.

Chapters (4)

Spike is fired from his job, thinking of what job to take up next he notices a family dilemma trying to get their child babysat, Spike sees an opportunity and agrees to watch their child until they get back. Thus starts his little business in watching kids.

Cover art picture from Majoh on DeviantArt.

Chapters (8)
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