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No updates for more than a year, oh my... · 8:52am Feb 11th, 2019

Erm... I live?

*sees glares*

OK, I am sorry. Really.

So here is the stuff:

1) I have found to my displeasure that I need to go back to drawing board for the Western Wastelands arc in the "Fallout: Equestria Girls" story. I can churn out a chapter or two without doing that, and then I will have to rethink a number of things.

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Going on a vacation for 2 weeks · 4:22pm Aug 5th, 2018

Internet reception is not likely to be good, so I am basically offline; if I do happen to come around, it's not for long.

Sorry everyone, was not able to update anything in time.

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Whelp · 5:21pm Mar 1st, 2018

I haven't seen "Forgotten Friendship" in full yet, but from what bits I saw on YouTube, my own headcanon got screwed (namely, that Sunset never got back to Equestria and never saw Princess Twilight and Princess Celestia until the events of Fallout: Equestria Girls).

Expect some retcon. There won't be much, but Chapter 31 at least will have to be re-written a bit.

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Bad news, people... · 7:37am Dec 11th, 2017

No, I am not cancelling any of my WIP stories. It's other things.

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It's my birthday, yeaaaaaaah! · 5:39am Nov 3rd, 2017

I am twenty-four now! :pinkiehappy:

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MLP: The Movie characters in Fallout: Equestria Girls? · 8:33am Oct 11th, 2017

I have not been able to see the MLP: The Movie yet, but I have a question to ask. What do you think of the idea of me making human world counterparts of the characters that are unique to the movie?

I don't think all of them would fit, but so far I think at least Tempest Shadow and Captain Celaeno can be fit into the story.


I am back! And I have some questions. · 10:28am Sep 13th, 2017

Some of you may be aware of this, but - I have returned! :pinkiehappy:

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Leaving on vacation soon · 1:53pm Aug 31st, 2017

From September 2nd to 9th, I am going to be out of my home city, so it is unlikely I will be able to be on this site, unless the places I am staying at happen to have a decent (and free) Wi-Fi.

See you all around! :twilightsmile:


A quick blog to let you know I am alive · 1:57pm Jul 25th, 2017

Hello there, it's been a while.

Since June, I was unable to write a lot - even "write a little" became a hard task.

Long story short, I am on a different project now, which is the most mentally taxing project I've ever had. Even at weekends, I don't want to engage my brain in anything - that's how tired I get. Needless to say, my progress is close to zero.

Still, I hope I will be able to muster some strength. My plans are as follows in the order of priority:

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One-shot plot bunny: yay or nay? · 7:15pm May 24th, 2017

Recently I have gotten a comment on one of my stories, "Her Inner Demons", by KnightMysterio:

The way you wrote it, if Twilight hadn't become Midnight, then a more realistic... and more fatal... revenge scenario would have occurred.

This tidbit has gotten my brain gears suddenly working. I wrote in response:

You know, I just imagined an AU scenario where Sci-Twi just... flips off and does a school shooting in Crystal Prep Academy.



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