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Canterlot High has remained way behind for Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry; the former was on her way to becoming a scientist, while the latter became a special forces soldier. But their bond, once shattered, then rebuilt and almost forgotten, still survived throughout the seasons.

But if they were to agree to try again - what do the next four seasons have in store for them?

Written for Oroboro's "Changing Seasons" Sunset shipping contest.

Cover image is "Four seasons in Japan" by Masakazu Matsumoto, used with accordance with Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. The image was slightly cropped to fit Fimfiction's restrictions. Original image is available on Flickr. No additional legal and technological restrictions apply to the image. The picture's author does not endorse me or my work.

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The girls have graduated from Canterlot High School, their friendship strong as ever, and they followed their hearts' desires.

Pinkie Pie was not as lucky, though. While she did become a successful party organizer, she also has to share her life with a shadowy underworld that can threaten everything she holds dear.

But even in that underworld, she laughs. That's what she always does. Although if someone were to hear that laughter, they wouldn't laugh in return.


...they would be unable to.

As her friends are in danger from the bandits who hope to intimidate her family into submission through them, Pinkie reflects on this side of her life, the... other kind of laughter. And she worries that because of that laughter, she may lose connection to her Element of Harmony.

Written for "F*** THIS PROMPT #10" contest. Rated "Teen" for some swearing and gore and "Dark" for dark themes.

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Warning: Rated "T" and tagged "Dark" for swearing and malevolent thoughts.

The story now has a YouTube reading, provided by mindlessgonzo and TheInvertedShadow! Check it out and give them some cookies!

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Anyone at Crystal Prep who knew Twilight Sparkle would never assume that this shy bookworm with top grades in all subjects could hold something evil within.

Thus, when said bookworm turned into Midnight Sparkle under the influence of the magic she released, everyone present was shocked to see their classmate become a callous and ruthless she-demon.

Nobody could understand: why? Twilight wasn't evil... was she?

Failing to understand the reasons behind that horrific transformation, Rainbooms and Shadowbolts decided to ask the newest CHS student herself about that. Initially reluctant, Twilight agrees, revealing the side of her that no one had suspected to exist...

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