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There are times of adventure, when the heroes of Equestria keep their homeland safe, and there are times of romance, where love blooms in the air and bonds are formed between the citizens of Equestria, making their own way in a changing world.

This is not one of those times.

In the privacy of their sanctuaries and homes, the ponies of Equestria reflect upon their lives and the changes that they have wrought.

Set in the Quill and Blade Universe. It is marked as "Complete" but new chapters will be uploaded as and when I finish writing new one-shots related to the universe.

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Nightmare Moon was defeated and Princess Luna has been redeemed. The Two Sisters are reunited and Equestria now has not one, but two Princesses.

In the depths of her new home called the Golden Oaks Library, Twilight reflects on the mystery of the Night Sky Stars and why they choose to help Nightmare Moon escape from her prison.

Contains: The thoughts of a bus passenger coalesced into a barely-readable story. All canon information in the story has been taken from Season 1 and nothing after that has been included. Takes place after the Series Premiere.

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A place to put all of my half-baked ideas and headcanon. May serve as an inspiration for later stories.

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After having one too many run-ins with the school law, Air Castle has been suspended from the school Track and Field team for a whole two months, complete with a week-long detention.

As if that wasn't enough, they have been assigned a tutor to help him earn higher marks and better results in an unorthodox programme that serves as a cornerstone subject of Canterlot High.

Needless to say, they're not ecstatic about it, especially if the tutor in question is a type of person who keeps rubbing them the wrong way at all times.

Note: Takes place before the start of "Equestria Girls", ends when the film does.

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