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Violet Rose in The Rain

Every rainstorm makes every day of sunlight that much more precious.


After having one too many run-ins with the school law, Air Castle has been suspended from the school Track and Field team for a whole two months, complete with a week-long detention.

As if that wasn't enough, they have been assigned a tutor to help him earn higher marks and better results in an unorthodox programme that serves as a cornerstone subject of Canterlot High.

Needless to say, they're not ecstatic about it, especially if the tutor in question is a type of person who keeps rubbing them the wrong way at all times.

Note: Takes place before the start of "Equestria Girls", ends when the film does.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 6 )

“Did you learn anything in detention?”
“I've learned that irradiating food is safe because it works by only firing gamma rays and not alpha and beta particles, which is what makes the food radioactive, the lowest soil layer is the ‘R’ horizon, or bedrock, the layer from which the parent material is formed; the three types of weathering are physical, chemical and biological weathering, radioisotopes exist because excess neutrons are joined to the nucleus, thus making it energetic and unstable; and that Professor Oblong Chalkboard would rather write teacher comments in assignments in purple ink for students if the school law allowed it.
“Who said it was during this seven-day period?”

Hee hee hee. Not bad.
(Also, punctuation nitpick: the commas just after "food radioactive" and "biological weathering" should probably be semicolons.)

I won't be sad to see her go in the end, anyhow.

Wow. Such foreshadow. Much subtle. :rainbowwild:


Some grammar/context errors I noticed.

I have places to be, and I’ll rather not be late.”

Did you mean I'd?

turning away from a white cat in the tree to talk to the sentient mar.

Not entirely sure what you meant here, if you meant 'mare' it's EQG verse and there definitely shouldn't be any sentient mares around, haha.

Alright so far.

Comment posted by Violet Rose in The Rain deleted May 21st, 2016

Its not that bad, I've read much worse, so far its not bad.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

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