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The most amazing things in life, are most often followed by the most horrendous things. Some are strong and some are weak to those trying times. I am starting to think I fall into the later group.

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Editing Stories again, and my Plans. · 9:18am Jul 20th, 2017

This account has a history...
I've spent so much time going by the name of this account, I've actually forgotten most of my life before FimFiction.

I will be preserving this account, and posting a new story on it, that I will try to actively maintain.

However, I will also be starting a new account called Cael. (Short for Caelum.)
I will try to post better content there, and a little more often.

I will edit stories, if I am asked and I like them.

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New Slot System · 10:45pm Oct 4th, 2015

I am now editing in a slot system.

This Means:
-I can only edit 3 stories at a time (excluding exceptions)
-I will be able to write and update my stories faster
-I will be able to edit more stories.
This Does NOT Mean:
-I won't edit your story.
-I won't continue accepting edits

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Story Approver

Thanks for the follow. :heart:

Welcome to the Legion!

Thank you for the follow, I'll look over your stories and hope you enjoy my own.

Thanks for the follow!

Sorry I didn't do it earlier~ I love your story "A Dream" and it is honestly kept me going through my depression. Thank YOU for writing it~

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