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Ever wonder what would happen if Hasbro Studios decided to make some...different decisions during the production of the Equestria Girls franchise? No? Well too bad, I'm doing it!

Watch as things take a more illogical turn in this short but kooky "what-if" story!

A birthday gift for my awesome friend, The Psychopath. After all he's done for me in the past, I thought it was the least I could do. Hope you like it man!

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Inspired by the song "One Day More" from Les Miserables
Creative Consultant: The Psychopath
Cover Art: frans97

The fic's events begin after "The Mane Attraction", but before "The Cutie Re-Mark". Also Cadance has yet to become pregnant. The reason the map isn't mentioned is because the fic was started before the airing of Season 5 and the official time this fic takes place within the canon wasn't officially decided until March 2016.

Not long after Tirek's defeat, Twilight Sparkle looks back on the Mane 6's victories over entities such as Discord, Nightmare Moon, Sombra, etc. but gets a nagging feeling in her mind: something's missing. Every time she remembers using the harmony powers successfully, she keeps feeling that there was always one part of the magic she and her friends were missing.

Later on, Twilight and her friends are shocked to find out that Tirek has escaped again, but this time, he's not alone. Thanks to his dark magic, he has managed to create an army of his own including with a band of "friends" that rival even the alicorns' powers!

The protagonists discover that the Mane 6's harmony magic isn't enough to defeat Tirek's army; even with the combined might of the other princesses and Discord. So, they decide to reach out to other forces for help.

Who are these new "friends" of Tirek? What does he have in store for Equestria?
Will the Mane 6 be able to unravel this mystery of Twilight's visions? What forces will Equestria call upon for aid?
Take a look, and find out!
An action packed epic containing characters both canon and non-canon!

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