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Takes place after the Friendship Games
Solar Eclipse, a young man with a troubling past, and still suffers from his past problems, even as he transfers to a new school.
Midnight Sky, a somewhat shy young lady with a loving family and wonderful friends that's forced to move to Canterlot High after some problems at her old school.
What happens when these two cross paths? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Special thanks to PyraFlare, Celtic_Fire, and Tiberia Silverfang for inspiring me to write this and supporting me through the end. Also a special thanks to all the writers of the PoME universe for letting me into their universe.
I don't own My Little Pony, nor do I own all these OC's. Hasbro owns MLP and these OC's belong to their respective owners in the PoME universe. The only characters I own are Solar Eclipse, Midnight Sky, Cynder, and Butch.
Also, thanks to Snow Bullet for the cover art.
In case you want to know their ages in story time:
Cynder is 12, turning 13 in March 13th.
Eclipse is 16, turning 17 in February 20th.
Midnight is 16, turning 17 is August 13th.

Chapters (6)

Ponyville has been home to the Mane 6 for about 7 years now, and soon, they shall meet a new face in Ponyville, much to the enjoyment of Pinkie Pie. His name is Solar Eclipse, and he is the adopted son of Princess Luna. He seems nice, and even has a baby dragon with him named Cynder,but something's....off about him. Nopony seems to know why he seems so weird, but the mane 6 are determined to find out, and may even learn a little more than they intended about their new friend.
Thanks Wand3r3r3 for editing the first chapter.:twilightsmile:

EDIT: This story will be going through some changes. Not only making the chapters longer, but adding more characters, and more scenes. If anyone would like to make a new cover art for this fic, please send me a PM.

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