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She called me here to the edge of this wood. The tops of the trees gently brush the sky with gentle loving strokes. I inhale the fresh air of the newborn summer. The wind has beckoned me here to this forest of fae. She tells me of a king with an antler crown, and wisdom for those willing, or worthy to hear.

Come now, tread carefully in this wood. Listen intent-fully to the sound of his thundering hooves, run with him now, hurry and catch up! Listen to the voices of the fae, an be bestowed with the knowledge olde!

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Diamond Tiara has had a secret for a long time now, one that she thought she would never share, now it's that time when she should tell Cherilee what's going on...

[NOTE:] Sex tag because of situations, there will be NO foalcon in this story.

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A young teenager, no more than thirteen, has a fight with her mom and storms off to bed. her mothers last words were, "never go to sleep angry." What the hell did that mean?! But she didn't care, or listen. She just went straight to bed and closed her eyes, thinking about how angry her mom made her. "I hate her! I hate hate hate her so much! She finally falls asleep....

(this wonderful cover was done by the amazing Note Sketch!)

[NOTE:] Human tag because of the beginning of the story

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