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Takes place after A Slice of Life.

Is it possible to trust again?- After so many lies?

Can love overcome all?

Are ponies capable of a pure heart?

Does Equestria have gravity?

These are the question's one Gator shall ask himself.


Entry for The Weekly Contest #23.

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This lovely character and wonderful story arc, belongs to the talented RarityEQM.

I'd like to Credit her for the Character, Arc and Art.- And for the opportunity to be able to write a character I find simply darling.
The city of Manehatten is home to a innocent young filly with a special gift, born with near invulnerability and a unbreakable will.

Diamond Dancer sets forth on a adventure through the city, renewing relationship's with old friend's, finding other's she can call a family and uncovering a path, that will place her on the road towards her destiny.
Made Popular on April 27th, Thank You All For Reading.

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The nights worth of pancakes Twilight insisted on helping Pinkie Pie make.

They had to go somewhere right?

Fic Based off Pinkies Joke.- From Castle Sweet Castle.


Made Popular on April 12, Thank you to all for reading!

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Celestia and Luna join forces to create Two Teams of Light and Darkness to protect Equestria from the lure of hate and the power of nature.

As darkness across the land begins to rise it shall be up to The Solar Rangers to show everypony the light through the shadows.

And prove once and for all - United we stand.

Giant Thank You to Zone Hunter For Commissioning Cover Art!!!


Made Popular on March 28th!!!- Thank You all for reading.

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This Fic is a Gift to my Friend BronyCooper for her Birthday!!

Octavia and Vinyl go their separate ways, when a chance to follow a dream comes to light.

The fear of change and the acceptance of a friends love, holds Octavia back.

Yet as the music from her world starts to fade away, She comes to the realization that a world without the ones you love.

Can be a place where the Melody of life simply doesn't exist.
Made popular on March 25th, Thank you to all for reading.

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Hazey Moon has been going through a rough time in his life, with his older sister no longer around, having no friends and the fact he is coming to terms with his gender identity isn't making his life any easier.

But if he wishes to live a normal life, he will have to face all his darkest fears.

From Making Friends, Facing The Past and To finding out you can only be happy once you accept yourself for who you are.

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Story Idea Belongs To HaloEssence111

Fluttershy Is Depressed.

Rainbow Dash is on the edge of a breakdown.

Pinkie Pie is enjoying the craziness of Motherhood.

Rarity is on the search for true love.

Applejack is Sick of Stallions.

And Twilight like always is called in to settle things, when a plea for help has each of The Mane Six return to Ponyville after five long years of silence.

How much has changed?

How much have they changed?

Can Friendship pull ahead and save the day or is it just a matter of time before everything breaks apart for good?

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After a horrible fire destroys The Apple Family Farm killing AJ and Granny Smith, Big Mac finds himself falling deep into a pit of depression.

Questioning his life and strength he begins to lose grips on reality, leaving Applebloom alone to fend for herself during a time in her life when she needs the most guidence.

Now It's time for Cheerilee to step up and try to mend Big Macs broken heart before it is too late.

Or risk losing him forever.

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A young girl with no place to go, sneaks into a abandoned house to live in during the cold winter months.

Unknown to her the home hides a dark secret- Small colorful ponies come out to play during the night.

Once created by a Toy-Maker to bring Joy and Happiness to children of all ages, Yet a sudden tragic event placed a dark curse upon them.

On the first night they may be happy and helpful to those who need them the most, but as time goes on they start to act differently.

No longer looking for companionship, but something else.


Parody of Five Nights At Freddys.

Co-Written by BewhoUr.

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Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Twilight are thrown into a competition like no other, the victor takes home the coveted Crystal Moon trophy- the losers only shame.

Idea created and suggested by BigBosAlmighty.

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