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When Bon Bon (Secret Agent Sweetie Drops) gets a urgent phone call three days before Christmas, her and Lyra are forced to leave their celebrations and go fight the horrific Anti Claus, Santa Hooves' evil twin, to stop him from canceling christmas for all of eternity.

Note: Octavia is also a main character too.

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This is a piece of fan work of Calm Wind's Piercing the Heavens. It is about Silver's remorse and regret from chapter 64

I thought I'd expand on a little more in a short one shot. Memory is a beautiful thing, but it can also bring pain as you live through the pain of the past and the Wonderbolts in the heat of the moment can make the worsts mistakes of all. Silver's mentor Blizzard Strike died many years ago and it was partially Silver's fault.

This is a fic for the the Wonderverse group, the Wonderverse is non-canon universe created by Calm Wind. This universe I've grown to love and I think It's truly wonderful the universe Calm WInd has created, giving life to his character and making them truly his own.

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It's time to wrap up Winter again, but this time it's different, organised, quicker and for AJ, confusing as there's one old friend she can't bear to look at...

Editing for the first chapter done by Desavlos
Editing for the other chapters done by Kean

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