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There are two ways to explain, the long, and the short. This is the long. Me and a few friends went to a Con dressed as our favorite characters from the show Slugterra, I went dressed as Eli Shane, my friends went as Kord Zane, a Cave Troll and certified engineer, Trixie Sting, Slug expert and second in command, Pronto the insert-word-here, expert at tracking and when it comes to getting down and dirty, Will Shane, youngest member ironically and substitute leader, Thaddeus Blakk, genius inventor and slugslinger, Tad Blakk second oldest, elder brother of the one who dressed up as Thaddeus Blakk, and third in command, Twist, our infiltration expert and tactition, and finally Dana Por, our team's thief. We had bought an entire set of Slugs and Ghouls from the 'Merchant' and based off rumors he was supposed to send us somewhere in an alternate Equestria. Our situation turned out very different, he brought parts of Equestria to OUR Earth who started to convert others into Ponies, Minotaurs, Gryphons, Diamond Dogs, you name it, they turned 'em. The worst part is they all had their emotions drained from their psyches, their brain and Heart, except for joy and happiness. One of my best friends managed to keep a video log after he got converted, forcefully and painfully before his memories were wiped completely and decided to wonder about the world looking for his purpose. I still have those logs and am going to show them to the Mane 6 when they somehow manage to find their way down here, if they do. Now my team the Neo-Shane Gang are immortal thanks to that magic blast that occured when Equestria was brought here turning us into our characters and bringing our collection to life who lead the survivors to our new home, our own Slugterra, and protect each and every Cavern from the more unsavory types.

Dark and Horror tags because of Conversion Bureau.

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A cosplayer who knows everything about Ex-Aid gets sent to the Equestria Girls World. Equipped with all the Gashats, except Mighty Brothers XX, Maximum Mighty X, Hyper Muteki, Taddle Legacy, and the Gashat Gear Duals, he now fights the Bugster Viruses in this World as Ride Player D. However! There are forces that work against him, they are a White Rider, and his left and right hands.

Sex and Gore tags are there to ease my paranoia.

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My advice when you see a guy dressed as The Merchant from Resident Evil 4? Run as fast as you can in any direction just get the buck away from him! Now because I didn't listen to the rumors and the stories on Fimfiction I am stuck as a mix of Dan Kuso and Basco from Gokaigers. The only difference between me and them? I'm not an insane power hungry backstabber, for Basco, I do have his true form though. For Dan, I have multiple partner Bakugan and can summon them with my Trumpet. The Equestria I'm in? It's omnivorous, anthro, and has places like Canterlot School for Higher Learning, Crystal Empire Preperational School, and Ponyville Academy, "Where anyone and everyone is welcome.".

Displaced fic. Hope you all enjoy!

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