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There are two ways to explain, the long, and the short. This is the long. Me and a few friends went to a Con dressed as our favorite characters from the show Slugterra, I went dressed as Eli Shane, my friends went as Kord Zane, a Cave Troll and certified engineer, Trixie Sting, Slug expert and second in command, Pronto the insert-word-here, expert at tracking and when it comes to getting down and dirty, Will Shane, youngest member ironically and substitute leader, Thaddeus Blakk, genius inventor and slugslinger, Tad Blakk second oldest, elder brother of the one who dressed up as Thaddeus Blakk, and third in command, Twist, our infiltration expert and tactition, and finally Dana Por, our team's thief. We had bought an entire set of Slugs and Ghouls from the 'Merchant' and based off rumors he was supposed to send us somewhere in an alternate Equestria. Our situation turned out very different, he brought parts of Equestria to OUR Earth who started to convert others into Ponies, Minotaurs, Gryphons, Diamond Dogs, you name it, they turned 'em. The worst part is they all had their emotions drained from their psyches, their brain and Heart, except for joy and happiness. One of my best friends managed to keep a video log after he got converted, forcefully and painfully before his memories were wiped completely and decided to wonder about the world looking for his purpose. I still have those logs and am going to show them to the Mane 6 when they somehow manage to find their way down here, if they do. Now my team the Neo-Shane Gang are immortal thanks to that magic blast that occured when Equestria was brought here turning us into our characters and bringing our collection to life who lead the survivors to our new home, our own Slugterra, and protect each and every Cavern from the more unsavory types.

Dark and Horror tags because of Conversion Bureau.

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The cast of Slugterra are all slugs, right? I've never actually seen the show.

Wow. Kudos to you for having a double crossover Displaced story. Double crossover meaning The Conversion Bureau and Slugterra. I am a big fan of Slugterra, and am excited to see where this goes, if you plan to continue it(please do!) I don't think any Displaced story before this one has had the species of Equestria displaced instead of the con-goers.

SO, how are the not-quite-Displaced not dead after, and I quote, 3,000 YEARS?! I get that magic is involved, but still. And that was a Grimmstone Ghoul at the end, wasn't it?

Please note I have not read ANY Conversion Bureau, but I understand the gist of it.

Edit: after re-reading the title page, I just noticed the "immortal thanks to the magic blast" line. Bit of a benefit.

Slugs and Ghouls are definitely important members of the Slugterra Cast, but there are other species too.

The show Slugterra was home to various species that coexisted with the Slugs. The most notable species being Humans, Cave Trolls, Molenoids, Shadow Clan, and Darkbane. I say most notable because they all major roles in Episodes that I can remember.
The characters that comprise the Neo-Shane Gang are of the following species:
Eli Shane, Will Shane, Trixie Sting, Thaddius Blakk, Tad Blakk, Twist, Dana Por - Human
Kord Zane - Cave Troll
Pronto - Molenoid

Ok, geez, I've seen bad crossovers and such and thought the same of this. But, it has potential. Harness it.

Would recommend making a backstory chapter dedicated to the past, instead of chucking 2 - 3 paragraphs of italics.

ok im reading this for the slugterra I hope there more slugs and build up of history

Will this be getting continued?

Yes, this is getting continued. I'm working on the second chapter now.

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