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We join our beloved Caretaker as he shares with us a story from The Infinite Library. For our first story, Twilight and gang meet with Princesses Celestia and Luna to deliver a request by Ponyvile's resident zebra. Zecora has invented a new potion and would like dear old Sun Butt to test it...This can only end well.
[Endosomatophilia, shenanigans]
Based off of a Mario game, Bowser's Inside Story.
Requested by Samurai_Arashi: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Samurai_Arashi

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(My first attempt at a heartfelt story.)
As Apple Jack cries in her sleep over a loss that may never heal, Big Mac and Apple Bloom try to figure out how to help her. Sometimes, even the strongest of us need a little help.

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