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I know what you're probably thinking, "This guy, He is probably the worst person to ever join Fimfiction" Well, if that is what you're thinking, then you'd be right.


UPDATE! · 3:30am Sep 5th, 2014

Hey guys, I'm sure you're all wondering,
"where's the next chapter to TW&SEOTI?!?!"
It's not canceled, so be happy about that! But due to school and other personal affairs, I really wont be able to post chapters that frequently.
So don't expect the next chapter for awhile guys.
I'm sorry.

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*Sigh*...Greetings you gorgeous ponies, This is Neon.
So, as you might have noticed, there hasn't been anything to notice for the past 47 weeks.
Yes, The story is canceled, will this be the last time you see these characters though? Perhaps not, I love Ramn too damn much to let 'em go! I might write another story, starring the crimson eyed party bug someday,or hell, you might eventually see him walking around in a short animated series that might potentially happen someday, will it though, chances are, no. But know that Ramn will never truly fade away, he'll always be there, sitting on the forefront of my creative mind, waiting for his next opportunity to shine.
Until that day, Stay gnarly!

Comment posted by NeonVenom deleted Aug 11th, 2014

1325209 Ah, thank's man! :pinkiehappy:
Means a lot!

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