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Darkness; it can rest within any person, any motive, and any world. Darkness can be as simple as your own imagination that scares you, or as complex as the evil that stirs in one's heart. Because of one molevolent, forgotton darkness, a certain era of prolonged peace that has lasted for countless eons may be in grave danger. However, where there is darkess, exists light; the familiar light of couragous intentions, the duty to protect those around you, the ultimate way to vanquish the darkness. Sometimes the light might fade, rarely, it may even snuff out. But even the weakest light is a beacon of hope. The interesting thing about light...about hope, is that it can come from the most unexpected places...to drive out the darkness...

*sigh...a HiE self insert WITH a friend. Yes, originality isn't my strong suit, but I thought it would be rather fun to whip up a decent adventure tale. For those willing to take a look, Daniel and I hope you enjoy!

Rated Teen for:
-Adult humor

-My Little Pony: Friendhip is Magic-The Hub/Hasbro
-Resident Evil 6/Resident Evil franchise-Capcom

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