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Concerning bobby ray's progress on The Trotting Dead · 5:02am Jan 2nd, 2016

Hey everyone, how are all of you?

I'd like to start by saying that the chapter is being worked on, but recently bobby has contacted me about very serious issues regarding his family that, as a result, has hindered his progress. Rest assured, he is still determined to finish the next chapter, but it will be a while longer considering the aforementioned problems.

I thank you all in advance for understanding and I genuinely hope you guys have had a great holiday season thus far.

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FEATURED!!! · 3:42am Oct 16th, 2013

FFEEEEEEEEAAATUUUREED!!! (It happened once before, but now I actually get to see it for myself)

Anyway, thanks you guys! And-a-congratulations to Mr. bobby ray!!!

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Story updates, and news · 3:18am Sep 8th, 2013

Hey guys... KJ here.

How has everyone's Summer been? Mine's been pretty alright.

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For those interested in taking over my Trotting Dead fic, plus other things · 9:15pm Jun 17th, 2013

Okay, here it goes... So, just yesterday I finally made myself sit down and work on my Trotting Dead story. It sucks to say that I didn't get very far at all. I was at a loss for ideas, my writing was slow and uninspired, and basically I simply wasn't making any real progress. I guess I've hit a wall, I don't know how to continue with the Trotting Dead, and I've lost almost all of my drive to write it or my other story, Equestria's Peril. I figured that once I was done with classes and summer

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The path ahead is foggy. · 11:41pm Apr 15th, 2013

Sorry for the cryptic title, but it's kind of true. I just thought I'd let you guys know what's been holding me up recently. College classes for Spring quarter have started up, and English class... let me tell you, English class pulls no punches when it comes to handing out assignments, so that's kept me more than busy. On a more negative note, quite frankly, I've simply lost a lot of what drives me to write. While I'm unsure of why I feel this way, or where it came from, it's definitely

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F***ing finally!!! I'm back. · 6:29am Feb 25th, 2013

........Hello everyone. KJ here, and after a few months of inactivity, I can finally use an actual keyboard instead of my Kindle's touchscreen.

It's been a while, friends, but now that our desktop computer is back, I can get back to work on The Trotting Dead and Equestria's Peril AT LAST!!!
I'd like to formally apologize for the excessive wait, and am announcing that I will resume progress on Episode 1 tomorrow. (since it's a bit late tonight.)

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Been a bit delayed · 12:18am Dec 22nd, 2012

Hey guys, KJ here reporting from my Kindle that I haven't been able to log into the site from my computer recently since I need to upgrade my Adobe flash player, Reader, Java, etc. AND I'm getting error message after error message when I attempt to install them sooooooo, I'm going to take it down to my provider soon and get that fixed. Thank you all for your patience, I apologize for the wait.

Oh yeah, and happy apocalypse everyone!


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Take Time to Celebrate!!!/A Special Thanks · 10:35pm Nov 27th, 2012

Good day, everyone. KJ here with a very much needed thank you and celebration post.

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For a Friend · 6:39am Nov 6th, 2012

Hey, guys. I'd like to take the time to give my thanks to everyone who has given The Trotting Dead: VG a chance. One of those people by the name of ponylover was nice enough to spread the word of my fic, and I of course, are eternally grateful. As a mutual gesture, I ask for those who are willing to take a look, please check out ponylover's own fic: The Nurse and The Medic. I would greatly appreciate it, and I know my friend would too. Thank you all, and have a splendid day.

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My sincerest apologies · 5:26am Sep 28th, 2012

Hello, friends. The purpose of this message is to simply say I'm sorry for the long wait, but I have just finished chapter 11.

For anyone wondering what has kept me occupied for nearly a month, I have three main reasons...........okay, two reasons and one excuse.

Reason 1: New job; work during the weekdays, but not hefty hours.

Reason 2: College has started, so that needs no explenation.

And of course the Excuse: Recently I went onto Amazon and purchased the following:

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