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I like ponies, and my Skype name is the same name here.

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(Teen rating just to be safe)
Trixie taking over Ponyville and being corrupted by the alicorn amulet, then saved by Twilight, made here realize how she was, and how she was being.

Soon after her humbleness died as she felt more and more inadequate with herself.
Can she stop her self doubt, or make the situation worse, by being taken over by her negative feelings.

Chapters (2)

Changeling society can be cruel to those who mean well.

Even if it's another changeling. Trying to live alone is hard, but he'll

find away, or find a friend.

Chapters (4)

This story showcases the night Luna was banished and more.

We follow Zan the zebra, who just got a home in Outside the Royal Equestrian forest
This also has more than just her banishment it has what happened after her

Chapters (1)
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