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I am too curious for my own good and too many ideas in my head I need to set free.

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Lavender Bliss thought that her friendship with Sunset Shimmer would last forever. But a car accident takes her friend away and she falls into a state of depression and resents friendship.

But when she goes to her new school, Canterlot High, she comes face to face with her dead friend. Except.. This is someone else entirely. This is not her Sunset Shimmer. She is so different in how she acts and how she treats Lavender. Soon she is taken into a world where another world exists, where she may actually consider friendship again.

But friendship only ends in pain and suffering. It is not magical, it is not something that lasts forever. Not ever this Sunset Shimmer can convince her that friendship is worthwhile.

This story was edited by The Fairy Editor and Nonagon.

This story takes place after The Friendship Games and I thought of it while watching Sci-Twi and Twilight Sparkle at that last scene.

Chapters (4)
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