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New Story, Time To Vote · 3:08pm Jan 31st, 2019

Yes, I am alive, surprisingly. Though I must say I don't think I've been more stressed and busy than I have been the last couple of years. But anyhow, I've gotten back to writing again, hopefully I can somehow get The Sun's Damage finished. I was also thinking of starting to write a series of stories about a new teacher starting at Canterlot High with an air of magic to her, and a wandering eye on the students.

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Plotting Complete · 6:20pm May 3rd, 2016

Well I finished completely plotting out 'A Dead Flower In The Sunlight'. Sorry for taking so long with the next chapter, I just wanted to be certain where I was going with the whole thing. I also will be starting up another story on the side, one for fun.

-Mistress :heart:

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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