• Published 28th Mar 2016
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The Sun's Damage - MistressAnput

Lavender Bliss' best friend had died in a car accident. Ever since then, she has shunned any thoughts of friendship. But then she comes face to face with her dead friend at her new school. But this isn't her Sunset Shimmer..

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Chapter 1

“Are you sure she is ready for this?”

Lavender Bliss pauses in brushing her hair as she listens to her parents’ conversation in the kitchen. She glares at herself in the vanity mirror, a faint swirl of anger curling up in her chest. Trying to ignore them, she plucks the loose lavender strands of hair from her shirt, then gets to work at applying her mascara.

“Penny, the psychiatrist said that she should go to a new school, to get away from the bad memories, to start anew.” Lav’s grip her eyeliner brush so hard a faint cracking sound is heard as she outlines her eyes with black. “She isn’t going to start-”

“Start what? Hurting herself again? Lash out in anger at every girl in her school because they mention her dead friend’s name? Silver, I can’t keep going to schools because she is getting suspended for being violent.”

“Maybe if you knew what they were saying, you would have done the same.” The words come out bitterly from Lavender’s lips. Curling in her gut is hatred towards her parents, for how stupid and blind those two can be. She stands up, grabs her backpack off of her bed, and storms downstairs. “I swear, you two are useless.”

As soon as Lavender enters the kitchen, her parents go silent. She can feel their gazes on her as she grabs an apple and bites into it. She refuses to speak at them, even look at them. She just stands at the kitchen counter while her parents sit at the table, nervously drinking their coffee.

“Well, I’m off to school.” She walks out of the house, gripping her backpack tightly and sliding into her car. She forces herself to calm down, knowing her anger can affect her driving. She stays there, taking deep breaths and resting her forehead against the steering wheel. Once her anger calms down, she starts up her car and drives off.

“Canterlot High. God, even the name sounds cheerful.” Lavender stares up at the massive school, feeling a bit intimidated by the building, it being much larger than her previous school. Her last school had been smaller, more dark coloured and bland. This one appears as if it was visited by the purple fairy. The only thing that keeps her from turning around and leaving is the sight of the column at the center of the courtyard. As she draws closer to it, she sees the base is made of mirrors and on top is what appears to be a horse’s hooves, but the rest of it is nowhere to be seen. “It guess it’s not so happy.”

“Oh yeah, that was weird mistake by a crazy she demon.” Lavender nearly jumps out of her skin upon hearing the person behind her. She whips around and faces a girl her age with vivid pink hair and a huge grin on her face. Her sky blue eyes are sparkling with excitement. She holds out a hand. “Hi, I’m Pinkie Pie! You’re new here, aren’t you? I can tell, or else I would already know your name!”

“Uh huh.” Lav hesitates for a moment before shaking the girl’s hand, eyeing her warily, afraid the girl may explode at any minute. “I’m Lavender Bliss, I'm new here.”

“Thought so! Hopefully you're not like a few girls from a while back we had that were new. They’re long gone but boy, were they nasty!” Pinkie lets out a giggle, but then gets a look on her face as if she remembered something. She reaches out of Lavender’s line of vision, holding a cupcake to her face. “Here is your ‘congratulations-on-being-the-new-girl-at-Canterlot-High’ cupcake!”

“Er... No thank you.” Lavender pushes the cupcake away, feeling somewhat annoyed. The girl is chatting on about the different types of cupcakes and icings and what is the best combination of the two. Lavender massages her temples, feeling a headache coming along. “I don’t like cupcakes.”

“Oh.. Um, okay! How about a sundae or chocolate?”

Giving Pinkie Pie the cold shoulder, Lavender heads up the front steps and into the high school. As soon as she steps inside, she is greeted with friendly chatter among students and a sense of dread. Her and Shimmer had been so excited for senior year, but without her here, Lavender wishes it would be over as soon as possible.

After asking a student where the principal’s office is, and ignoring the kind greeting, Lavender makes her way towards the office, ignoring the stares people are giving her and keeping a straight face. Once inside the office, she walks up to the large mahogany desk.

“You must be Lavender Bliss, I’m Principal Celestia, welcome to Canterlot High.” A tall woman with hair of many beautiful colours stands up from her chair, a kind smile on her face. Lavender bristles at the smile and scowls, meeting Celestia’s gaze. Celestia’s smile fades as soon as she sees her new student’s expression, but clears her throat and holds out a few sheets of paper to her. “Here are the courses you had wanted for this semester, along with a list of clubs and after school activities if you are interested in joining any.”

“I won’t be joining any,” Lavender cuts in quickly, her scowl staying in place. Celestia watches the teenager for a few minutes before handing her the stack of papers. Lavender silently takes them and leafs through them until she finds her schedule. “Good, I’ve gotten every class I needed; nice to know this school has access to them.”

“Yes, well. The usual student I ask to show new students around is rather busy, so I have asked Rarity to take her place for now.” Celestia motions over Lavender’s shoulder, causing her to glance back. There stands a girl with vibrant purple hair and the bluest eyes she has ever seen. She is dressed very fashionably and the bracelets at her wrists clink together softly. “Rarity, this is Lavender Bliss, the student you will be showing around.”

“It is an absolute pleasure to meet you, darling.” Rarity kindly smiles and holds out her hand. Lavender, having been raised with manners, stands up and firmly shakes her hand, then she quickly snatches her hand away.

“Well, you two have fun.” Principal Celestia guides the two out of her office before pausing at the door. “if you ever need anything, I am always here.”

Rarity winces as the principal slams the door shut, but then turns towards Lavender. “Well, let’s get started, shall we?”

“As you can see, we have many amazing art programs. We have many talents here at our school, and we have had a growing success with many other programs too.” Lavender absently nods as Rarity carries on about how amazing their school is. She has to admit, it does look pretty amazing. “And it is the most amazing place for friendship to grow!”

“Friendship...?” The word feels like sawdust in her mouth. She hasn’t said that word or even thought of it in two years. Not since the accident. Lavender glances warily at Rarity as they walk down the hall. Soon, Rarity starts sniffing the air.

“Darling, are you possibly wearing perfume?” As the girl leans close, Lavender flinches away. Rarity sniffs some more, then smiles. “Why, darling, your perfume is absolutely fabulous! Where did you get it?”

“I... I made it myself, actually.” Lavender frowns at the girl, taking a step away from her. “I make perfumes, then sell them online.”

“Well, I happen to work at a boutique in town, and perfume goes quite well with fashion.” Rarity holds out a pale, elegant hand. An artist’s hand, one that knows precision and grace. Lavender stares down at the hand before meeting the sapphire eyes. “I would like you to sell it at my boutique; it could be a big hit with my clients.”

“Why offer me that right away?” Lavender raises a brow, eying the fashionista. “I mean, we did just meet, Rarity.”

“I’m a business woman, but I also think it could be a job for you. You make the perfume and I’ll sell it at the boutique. I’ll give you the profits, while keeping twenty percent to go towards the boutique?’ Rarity holds her hand farther out, giving Lavender a brilliant white smile. “Come along, darling, do we have a deal? I promise I will be generous to you for this.”

Lavender stares down at Rarity’s hand, contemplating this situation. She is going to have to find a job anyway, at least it could be a job she enjoyed and make good money off of. With a sigh, she reaches out and and shakes Rarity’s hand, before swiftly pulling it away.

“Perfect, now, let’s get to the cafeteria before the bell rings. Today is Taco Day, everyone goes crazy over it.”

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