• Published 28th Mar 2016
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The Sun's Damage - MistressAnput

Lavender Bliss' best friend had died in a car accident. Ever since then, she has shunned any thoughts of friendship. But then she comes face to face with her dead friend at her new school. But this isn't her Sunset Shimmer..

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Prologue (Rewritten)


“So, Mr. Skies decided to give us another surprise pop quiz this morning. I think I totally bombed it.” Lavender Bliss gave her friend a quick smile, though it was shaky. The tension was still thick in the car. Lavender’s smile vanished as she saw her friend’s grip tighten on the wheel so hard that her knuckles turned white. “A-and I have this presentation on uranium poisoning to do tomorrow...”

The tension only grew heavier with each word that passed through Lavender’s lips. Sunset Shimmer kept her eyes ahead of her, her gaze hard and focused on the empty road, high beams cutting through the night. Lavender could feel the fury radiating off of her in waves, making her stomach clench in uneasiness.

“Shim, please..” Lavender turned more fully to her friend, then bit her lower lip hard. Her eyes were pleading for mercy, for forgiveness. She hated when Shim was silent like this. She just couldn’t have Shim mad at her, she couldn’t stand it. Shakily, Lavender touched Shim’s shoulder, only to be shoved off roughly.

“No, Lav, you fucked up! I told you, I fucking told you!” The ice in Shim’s eyes melted away to blazing fury that made Lavender’s anxious belly clench to the point of pain, bile rising in her throat. She opened her mouth to speak, only to have Shim plow over her. “I told you to distract Poppy, but you couldn’t even do that. Now I’m suspended for three weeks!”

“I-I tried, Shim, I really did. But Frost came along and I just got distracted when we got talking...” Lavender’s voice trembled as she tried to explain, tears welling up in her eyes. She had to explain, to show Shim it wasn’t her fault.

“He wouldn’t have come over if you didn’t have those sow tits on display. Maybe none of that would have happened if you stopped dressing like one of those hookers on the street corner,” Shim snarled, her hands trembling as they gripped the steering wheel, her hateful words causing Lavender’s breathing to hitch. “Ugh. Don’t cry, you look so pathetic when you cry. Thanks to you, that prissy princess is laughing with her minions about me!”

“Shim, maybe you should stop this vendetta against Poppy? I mean, she isn't that bad.” Lavender curled tighter into herself, the nausea only getting worse. “She could be kind of nice if we at least try to get to know her.”

“Oh my- Lav, you’re so fucking stupid, you realize that, right? This is why you’re so lucky that I put up with the dumb shit that comes out of your mouth. Poppy is ruining us, she’s the one that’s been spreading those rumours, painted that shit on your car windshield.” Shim scoffed at Lavender, shaking her head. “But no, you want to be friends. Think for once, use your tiny little fucking brain. Has she ever once tried to actually make friends with you, has anyone?”

“Um, well..” Lavender struggled to find the words, feeling almost physically bruised. She lowered her gaze to her feet, gently nibbling on her lower lip. “I mean, everyone kind of ignores me..”

“Exactly, so why even try? Listen, Lav.” Shim sighed, all of the hot air seeming to have left her now, and glanced sideways to her friend. “I’m the only friend you’ve got. Besides, you don’t need anyone else, you only need me. Got it?”

“I guess, but Shim-” Lavender began before Shim’s anger flared once again and she whipped her head over to Lavender.

“Oh my God, Lavender, would you stop undermining whatever the fuck I say and shut up for on-” But the snarl was cut off by a sudden impact slamming into the car. Lavender's head jerked abruptly. Lavender’s mouth opened and she left out a scream, though feeling breathless at the same time.

When reality caught up to her, she was hanging upside down. The car had rolled over onto its roof and thought it was severely dented, thankful it wasn't smashed in. She tasted coppery blood in her mouth, her head beginning to pound. Lavender tried her belt buckle, but it was jammed tight, refusing to budge. Taking a shaky breath, throat still raw from the screaming, Lavender then realized the thick silence around her.

“Shim, Shim are you alright?” She tried to turn her head, but whimpered as the muscles sharply and loudly protested. She was forced to look at the missing windshield, glass shards and some blood littered across the roof of the car. Lavender's mind raced as panic set in. With trembling hands, she went to unlock her seatbelt, but began tugging at it frantically when she found it jammed. “Shim, I'm stuck! Please, I need out!”

That was when Lavender heard a sound, an almost pinging sound, like one hears when a ball bounces off of the floor. The object then rolled into view, stopping just in front of Lavender's face. Her vein went to ice. Lavender opened her mouth and began hysterically screaming.

Shim’s disembodied head had rolled into view, her empty, cold teal eyes boring right into Lavender’s.

Author's Note:

Hopefully this story is better than my last one. I hope you all enjoy it and do forget to comment. Any constructive criticism will really help.

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