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I am too curious for my own good and too many ideas in my head I need to set free.


Results Are In.. · 5:40am Mar 21st, 2019

And Fluttershy is going to be in Cliona's grasp next story, with some fluff with Trixie, of course. After Fluttershy, I might try going with a male student or staff member.. I'm just debating with myself though.

So, hopefully I can get the story out as soon as I can. :twilightsmile:

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Trying Something New · 2:34pm Mar 18th, 2019

So, I've posted my first ever clopfic, and I must say I'm decently proud with what I produced. It's not going to be fantastical, because it's the first one I've ever written, but I will try and improve where I can.

Anywho, I created a new poll of who should be the next girl in Equestria Girls, so if you want to vote, just go here.
And as soon as I think I've received enough votes on the poll, I'll get started on the new story.

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New Story, Time To Vote · 3:08pm Jan 31st, 2019

Yes, I am alive, surprisingly. Though I must say I don't think I've been more stressed and busy than I have been the last couple of years. But anyhow, I've gotten back to writing again, hopefully I can somehow get The Sun's Damage finished. I was also thinking of starting to write a series of stories about a new teacher starting at Canterlot High with an air of magic to her, and a wandering eye on the students.

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Steady Progress · 4:15pm Oct 26th, 2017

I can't actually believe I am getting along so well with chapters. I am already working on chapter four for The Sun's Damage and I am halfway done of my clopfic. Just need to find an editor or a proofreader and I will be as right as rain! :twilightsmile:


In Need Of A Few Editors · 7:18pm Oct 22nd, 2017

Hello everyone, I have decided to finally come back and do some writing. I am making a lot of progress of my story which I renamed 'The Sun's Damage', but I am in need of some editors. I want to start publishing stories again, I am finally getting my spark back. I will need editors for either teen rated stories or mature rated stories. Just drop me a message if you think you are up for it, or if you know of anyone who is willing. I have two more chapters written and are ready to be given a look.


Explanation for my absence · 2:13pm Jun 9th, 2016

Very sorry everyone, I've been super crazy busy with exams that are coming up next week.

I've been trying to find time for writing, but it's been sentences at a time, to be honest. I am also plotting out several stories, trying to get them all down before I forget.

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Plotting Complete · 6:20pm May 3rd, 2016

Well I finished completely plotting out 'A Dead Flower In The Sunlight'. Sorry for taking so long with the next chapter, I just wanted to be certain where I was going with the whole thing. I also will be starting up another story on the side, one for fun.

-Mistress :heart:

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A Different Type Of Editor Needed. · 10:53pm Mar 24th, 2016

Hello everyone, I am need of a tiny favour. I am interested in writing some 'clopfics', mature aged fanfictions and was wondering if anyone would be able to be an editor for me. I actually have plotted out three or four already (all in my little notebook), so I should have a chapter or two ready in a few days, perhaps. If you are interested, please message me.


Editor needed for a new story · 11:31pm Oct 6th, 2015

Hello everyone, you are probably wondering why on Earth I am cancelling that story of mine. Well.. I realize I may have taken a wrong story idea and a wrong character. You see, I have been contemplating more on the Equestria Girls trilogy than anything. And I was wondering where I can possibly find an editor and be explained how the whole thing works.

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