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From the actions of a spell, multiple timelines came to be, each worst than the last. Eternal darkness, capitalism to the point of destruction, an ashy wasteland... But this is not them. This is the timeline where the Changeling Horde had been victorious at the wedding, where Chrysalis usurped Celestia. Canterlot, and Equestria, are hers.

For Fancy Pants, this has had a decent impact on his life, all things considered. Here is but a morning in that life, the one that never was and is. This is a morning for Fancy Pants, the Noblepony of a Canterlot no longer his.

My entry for the Equestria Daily Writers Training Grounds

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Divorces can lead to some awkward situations, especially if said divorce happens on the same day as a wedding - two to be precise.

We all know these problems: Meeting your former wife at the market, lawyers, the whole business with children. And now, Shining Armor is going to experience the latter when a Changeling-Pony hybrid falls upon his doorstep. His, to be precise, the result of the short lived marriage between him and Princess Cadance Queen Chrysalis.

Can Shining Armor hide the infant from Cadance, hold together his marriage and deal with the lustful advances of an ambassador from a violent country with a goal of Realm domination?

Maybe, maybe not. Should be fun to watch though.

Preread by TheWraithWriter, and may or may not be inspired by a story made by aforementioned author.

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