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Hi just a pegasister who wants to read (and possibly write!) some neat ponyfics.

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Shipping!!! Yay! I shall look forward to that on Christmas :pinkiehappy:

Currently the only fic I am working on is a shipfic cuz writing romance (fluffy or otherwise) is fun :pinkiehappy:

And the second one sounds really really interesting, because to me, a person (or pony :flutterrage:) isn't shy for no reason. Every shy person I know in real life has a reason...
A fic exploring Fluttershy's possible mental problems would make for an intriguing read. :yay:

887111 I see. Well, your Following me shall not be without reward . . . let it be known to all who read this! I am working on fics of my own!

To be specific, a LyraBon Hearth's Warming Eve oneshot I hope to put out on the 25th, and version of MLP:FiM where Fluttershy is a sociopath with homicidal tendencies (but tries to deny them). Thoughts?

I was reading the comments on a story and then I saw your profile pic I went into fangirl mode :twilightsmile:

887103 :ajsmug: well thank ya kindly. I made the crappy beret on it myself.

Out of curiosity where on earth did you find me in my little corner of Fimfiction?

Lemme just say that your profile pic is awesome :yay:

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