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Gol D Colt

Hey I'm Gol D Colt (or Gol for short) And I adore writing stories with massive tasty hoots and gender bent characters.

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Five years ago, Princess Twilight Sparkle of the Principality of Everfree Valley and her team of scientists and the Order of Starswirl started working on a publicly known project called the Multiversal Exploration Project. Two years ago, Trixie Lulamoon, disgraced showmare, decided to work in this world famous project. Now, Trixie is ready to explore parallel universes on behalf of the Principality and Equestria.

Join Trixie as she travels through parallel universes on a mission from Princess Twilight to explore the multiverse.


Inspired by The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments by Wanderer D and Across the Multiverse by dramatic_spoon.

Rated 'Dark' for some universes Trixie will visit.

Rated 'Random' for some bizarro universes.

'Sex' rating for some slight sexual scenes and discussions. There will be no clop.

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