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Frission: The Happiness ponymon. Frission takes 2x damage from Feels-Type attacks. Special Ability: Yayifications! — Like and Follow buffs can increase EVs above normal maximums.

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As a filly, Sunset Shimmer made a difficult choice which affected not only the rest of her life, but the course of two worlds, when she turned her back on her mentor, her promises, and Equestria itself.

But there's more than one of everything, even entire worlds.
Now, another Sunset Shimmer, living in another world, comes to that same decision of trust or betrayal.

Though there are many Sunsets amidst creation, do they all share one fate?

Edited by Prak
Prereaders: Foals Errand and Minifig
Special Thanks to Between Lines
Art used with permission by SilFoe

Chapters (1)

Since the recovery of her crown, Twilight has become obsessed with rediscovering the lost magic which created the 'Portal Mirror': a gateway to another world. On top of that, a former enemy has arrived in Ponyville, looking to make amends.

With her help, Twilight ends up with more than she bargained for when an accident occurs during her studies, touching off an adventure spanning across multiple realities. With a new gateway linked to a myriad of new worlds, what will they find as each expedition brings them one more step removed from the universe they call home?

Editing by SpaceCommie and Prak
Pre-Reading and Contributions by Minifig.
Special Thanks to InsertCoolUserNameHere, who inspired me to start writing!

Chapters (14)
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