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Foolish enough to wander into the Everfree forest alone, Fluttershy is saved from a Timberwolf attack by a strange bipedal alien. Injured she is taken to the creature's cave. With the help of his changeling friend the alien saves Fluttershy's life and tells her the story of Second Chances.

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A human displaced in time and space, no immediate hope of getting home, no friends to call his own and trapped in a body that is not his. Will he make it past the first day let alone the first week and how will he overcome the challenges he faces.

Noah is simply student of engineering, in an instant he is displaced in time and space, his body transformed into that of a changeling at the same time the invasion of Canterlot is repelled. The town in which he lands first fears him for his looks, unknown to them is the outcome of the royal wedding and the identity of the wedding crashers. Taking on the name No One, he searches for a way home, making friends along the way as well as a few enemies. His role in Equestria uncertain and his future unknown.

*The use of a human is to portray an alien being devoid of a link to magic as well as provide a reason for a learning experience of the customs of Equestria.
*Will not contain, or will avoid to an extent, shipping. Friendships yes but beyond that I don't have enough skill in the area of writing to pull something like that off without pissing off a lot of people.
*This is my first story ever so please provide constructive criticism, I need it.
*Changes to characters and categories will occur when required.
edit 24/11 *forgot to mention this story will take place mainly between the undisclosed period between seasons 2 and 3. I say undisclosed because a lot of time could have passed.

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