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Problems for which friendship cannot be the solution do not belong in Equestria.

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After several years together, Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara opt for a vacation in Silver Cove to take a beach-side break from the day to day grind and hopefully rekindle some of their original spark.

That was the plan anyway, but plans don't always work out. The best you can do is to salvage a bad situation and wash the tree sap out of your mane.

Cover Art by Shimazun

Chapters (6)

Celestia's raising of the Sun at The Summer Sun Celebration in Canterlot inspired a little filly Twilight Sparkle to study magic. After so many trials and triumphs following the path of magic, Twilight is an alicorn herself, and watching the sunrise has a whole new importance.

Editing assistance provided by AnonponyDASHIE

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Despite facing loss and hardship, Scootaloo never completely gives up. Silver Spoon is used to having anything she wants or needs given to her. When the two end up together, both learn about a world they'd never really seen before.

While this story is marked incomplete, it is subject to changes and revisions until I'm finally satisfied with it. Until that time, you are a pre-reader. You're getting an early look at an unfinished work, and if you have helpful feedback I find useful, I'll be sure to mention you in the credits of the last chapter.

Cover art drawn by the talented Alasou.

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