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My name is Michael. About a year ago my best friend vanished from the world with little warning and has been gone since. All I have left to remind me of him is a wolf pendant that I now wear around my neck. I've kept going since he's gone but I've noticed how much I've changed as well. We used to balance each other like yin and yang and now I subconsciously find myself trying to fill both roles. The thing is...he's not dead. I know he's still out there and I know there is always hope. That's the best thing about it. Hope never dies.

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There are days that you just can't really explain. Such as when you jump off a diving board and accidentally go through a portal to another universe, oh did I mention I fell on my face? Well at least it was a cloud, but falling on your face only gets so fun. That's also how I met Spitfire, and Soarin, and Fleetfoot and just about every Wonderbolt in Cloudsdale. Did I mention that I fell face-first right in the middle of a really big Wonderbolts meeting? This is my tale of what life was like after I face-planted in a land of magical talking ponies yet didn't get admitted to an insane asylum.

(Woo! Awesome! Featured on 8/22/2014. Love you guys.)
(I changed it to teen but whenever sex scene would pop up I'll post it in a side story and link at the end of specific chapter, the ones that end with that kind of scene will end with a "*")
(May contain adult or sexual language at parts)

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I was just relaxing in my room, browsing the internet when all of a sudden the pink menace herself opens a trans-dimensional portal for herself in my computer. Oh and she won't leave me alone. Send help, I beg you!

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Most people's lives are fairly routine, they wake up, go to work, come back home and go to sleep, then repeat. I thought my life would be like this, just another gear in the machine of society rolling along every day for my whole life. If it weren't for one certain surprise my life would probably have become just that. As I would soon learn, the best things in life are never what you see coming, but rather what you never imagined would happen, and meeting her was one of the best surprises of my life.

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Sombra, painted as a villain who simply wanted to be evil and enslave ponies. Why did he do what he did? No one asked why, they rarely do when you're already seen as a monster. Everyone deserves a chance to explain.

(I'm not finished with this story but I'm also going to start working on the other 2 Redemption stories and maybe finish The Sound of a Heartbeat.)

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