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A world where there is no royalty ruling over the land. Luna and Celestia work in daycare in Ponyville instead of ruing over Equestria and the mane six are children going to the daycare along with other ponies. One day a new person arrives in same town, a reindeer called Connor Featherpen, and he is staying in the house next to the daycare.

Connor Featherpen is a up incoming writer and his first publish work is 'Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone' and he working on his next book most likely another Daring Do adventure book. He loves children and seems like he is falling for a daycare worker.

What will happen? Will Connor Featherpen get the girl or just stumble all over his hooves?

Tumblr ask Connor Featherpen

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Fluttershy and Zecora where searching through the Everfree Forest to find a scared manticore but instead they find a stallion in the forest and just staring in a pond. They try to talk to the stallion but the stallion said nothing and looked confused when they spoke. Luckily they had rope and they put gently around the stallion's neck and the stallion was docile enough for them to lead him to Ponyville's hospital.

There Nurse Redheart is put in charge of this unknown pony and after the tests she combs and trims the stallion's coat which looked like it never been taken care of. In trimming the stallion's flank to find the stallion's flank was blank and shocking her. What will happen next few days for this blank flank stallion with no method commutation or memories.

Tumblr Ask

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After the long and horrible quest Titian had to go through he may got through another long quest but one closer home. This quest will take his every bit of will and strength as he must raise twins with his wife, Isa Pawstar.

As well he has to deal with the trauma caused with his last quest and his little sister dating the pony that bought his farm.

-Shipping the Story will contain-
Titian X Isa
Amur X Autumn Runner
Fluttershy X Big Mac
Applejack X Rainbow Dash
Vinyl X Octavia

Spin off of Titian's Quest - Seven Beasts

Tumblr- Maple Family

Chapters (2)
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