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It is 100 years after Cheerilee the vampony was first commissioned as a "correspondent" to the Royal Guard. Technology has advanced (due to a certain orange pony) and, in order to remain a secret, Cheerilee has been moving from town to town, changing her name and teaching at various schools. But after a job goes horribly wrong, it's up to her to find the next bearers of the elements of harmony, before it's too late.

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The Adventures of Vampire Cheerilee
The Night Shift

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Gizmo Gadget is, for all means and purposes, a failed inventor. Most every invention he has created has led to some sort of catastrophe in his hometown of Fillydelphia, from fires to explosions to infestations.

One day, he hopes to create something that works.

He should've been careful what he wished for.

A bit darker than FiM in general. Some sad parts, and some (hopefully) funny parts. Enjoy!

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It is a time of peril in Equestria. Discord has reigned for several thousand years, and his recent blocking of pegasus flight has been viewed as the final straw. However, Centurion Amethyst, a unicorn, and Lilac Blossom, a pegasus, have found evidence that the princesses of Equestria may have survived the overthrow of the royal family. Can they overthrow Discord and restore the royal family's rule over Equestria? Set around 1200 years before present-day Equestria.

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