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Jalon has discovered a long lost artifact belonging to the thieves guild. Thiefqueen Kina announces it to the entire guild, before he reveals the item. They then have to deal with... Problems. (One Shot)

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Fireflower has been helping out on Sweet Apple Acres for three weeks, and nopony really knows much about her. One time, Big Macintosh caught her writing a letter to somepony she claimed was her mother. She then threw a horseshoe at him because he was in her house.
In truth, this mysterious earth mare is a changling, and she has been sending reports of Ponyville to Queen Chrysalis. But why? Is that really what she wants to do?

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Join Captain Twilight Jane Sparkle and her crew as they travel through the known multiverse, discovering new physics, new forms, and new powers that they never knew existed. But all is not as it seems, for Twilight and her crew must find the Harmony Crystals to defeat a dictator planning to take over the Realm. This mysterious person, referring to themselves only as 'The Lunar Nightmare' has many minions, who will attempt to make it impossible for them to succeed. And sometimes, those minions are closer than they think.

Slightly human, but there will be moments where forms get more... Interesting. Yes, they will be ponies at some point(s).

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