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Join Captain Twilight Jane Sparkle and her crew as they travel through the known multiverse, discovering new physics, new forms, and new powers that they never knew existed. But all is not as it seems, for Twilight and her crew must find the Harmony Crystals to defeat a dictator planning to take over the Realm. This mysterious person, referring to themselves only as 'The Lunar Nightmare' has many minions, who will attempt to make it impossible for them to succeed. And sometimes, those minions are closer than they think.

Slightly human, but there will be moments where forms get more... Interesting. Yes, they will be ponies at some point(s).

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pinkie and gummy would be the "rec" department...as in recreation...which is sometimes under medical as well as personnell.

In the first first paragraph you misspelled the word "honor," and you misspelled "organize" in the second one. Also, in this statement: "Mission?" Twilight ask. "I get to go on a mission?" What it should be is: "A mission," Twilight asked, "I get to go on a mission?" And in the last paragraph, make Twilight's thought into another paragraph. It helps the reader know that it's another character speaking.

Great job. Though, just watch out for people's thoughts in another speaker's paragraph.

2548467 Actually, the statement Twilight made that you criticized is supposed to be like that. Because Twilight is so surprised, she is a itty bitty bit less coherent than normal. I plan on having that happen some other times too, so just you wait!

2548104 This is kind of hard to explain, but I'll try. Celestia put Pinkie and Gummy in the crew as a sort of comic relief, but didn't want to say so in front of them. She considers them as not part of any department, instead going everywhere and lightening up peoples days. However, they're also in charge of the break room, working co-op with Applejack to provide fresh goodies, as well as planning 'mini-parties' for events such as a promotion and regular parties for things like birthdays. Promotions happen whenever a department gets a new addition and/or loses a member, so they're a :raritystarry:Rarity. Lame puns aside, I'm glad you're all being so helpful. I still don't have this whole thing entirely mapped out. Shapeshifting will happen as a certainty as they travel through the multiverse, though.

I will be accepting OCs and species until further notice. I currently have about two thirds the species decided on, including their human forms in which they start the story. (Are their crystal forms ponies or humans? Help me here please.) Days will be however many chapters they need to be, and this is getting too long. Ending the post... NOW!

Before anyone begins to ask why Derpy is part of the main cast, or why she hasn't been introduced, I have some things to say. Derpy will eventually have a bigger role in the story, and she's actually already been introduced. She's been in two chapters so far, and has spoken. You didn't expect her human name to be Derpy, did you? :derpyderp1::derpytongue2::derpyderp2:

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