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Inuyasha - A Demon-Dog Among Ponies - ChromeRegios

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Epilogue - Whats Beyond Meidou Zangetsuha?

Inside a floating demonic head, Naraku, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha battles each other for their final showdown.

“You’re finished, Inuyasha!” Naraku shouts, as he streaks his tendrils across Inuyasha, knocking him off balance, but he rose up instantly seemingly not hurt by it.

“Ha! You have to do better than that, NARAKU!” Inuyasha taunts, as he readies for an attack on Naraku.


The streak roared towards Naraku, but it affected him only a little and quickly regenerates...

“Darn it!!” Inuyasha cussed something, as Naraku laughed at Inuyasha’s impunity. This made Inuyasha really frustrated and used his powerful ability to him. Inuyasha transforms his sword to a space like image and shouts.

“Meidou Zangetsuha!”

Inuyasha attacks him with a variation on the Meidou Zangetsuha more adapted to his fighting style, and seems to damage even Naraku's most powerful form.

“Ahhhrgggg!!!” Naraku screams in pain... Although he regenerates from this repeatedly, Sesshomaru takes note of Naraku's vulnerability and uses the Bakusaiga on him. Because of Bakusaiga's decomposing powers, Naraku's large outer body begins to fall apart. As Naraku weakens,

“No, NO!! This can’t be!!!” Naraku shouts, as he can’t believe his own eyes that he was being defeated...

Naraku becomes cornered as much of his body deteriorates, he uses the Shikon no Tama to grant him more power. He uses this power to stall the others from killing him so he can prepare to crash his gigantic, shouki-filled body into Kaede's village.

Naraku laughs at them... “Fools! Destroy me, and your village will also be destroyed!!” Though he intends to use this threat of destroying the village to prevent Inuyasha from killing him, Sesshomaru ignores him and strikes his main body with the jewel with Bakusaiga. Sesshomaru's sword, however, doesn't even scratch the jewel, which prevents Naraku's death.

Inuyasha didn’t notice Naraku’s massive body was beginning to fall onto the village, everyone escapes from within and tries to protect the villagers.

Kagome sees the Shikon no Tama within Naraku and shoots an arrow at the jewel. “Take this, Naraku!” Kagome points the arrow to Naraku and launched it in high velocity, the arrow hits the jewel dead on, Naraku thinks to himself that indeed the Shikon no Tama did not grant his true wish: he wanted Kikyo's love, and laments that he won't be able to go where she is in the afterlife. Naraku's body is completely purified and most of the village is saved from destruction.

The group eventually goes back to the ground, thinking that they already won, but then... little do they know, there was a last trick that Naraku set aside. As they are celebrating Naraku’s defeat, meidou appears on all of them sucking them inside the dark void of the space-like dimension...

They were sent to the dark place, spinning rapidly to the vast space, Kagome sees her friends and tries to grab their hands. She soon reached for Sango, then Sango to Miroku, until Shippo and Inuyasha grabbed on. Kirara was unfortunate enough not to grab hold and was sent tumbling alone into the dark space...

All of them braced for impact, waiting for their final moment to come and take them to its cold embrace...


“Pinkie!” Applejack yelled, as she bucks some apple trees. “Don’t eat the apples, jus’ put em’ in the basket then after we put those in the barn, then you can have some...” Applejack said, as she loads two baskets filled with apples to the barn.

“Okie dokie loki!” Pinkie replies as she picks up more than two baskets and dashes towards the barn, zipping pass Applejack who nearly drops her basket.

As they put the baskets in their proper place, Applejack and Pinkie starts to hear something odd, like a cracking of twigs outside.

“What in tar-nation is that?” Applejack asked in curiosity, Pinkie just looks at her which had no idea what’s going on as well... They both went outside only to see a flash of light followed by a sound of a loud...


Applejack and Pinkie looked at each other and quickly ran towards town to tell what they just witnessed...


Inuyasha moves his arms and legs, trying to pull himself up... soon Kagome and the others wake up as well...

“Where are we?” Miroku asked, as he looks around the area, does this field seemed odd to you?” Miroku asked, not sure what to make out of it.

“Are we even in our land?” Sango asked, while she checks herself, all of a sudden she remembers something. “KIRARA!!!” She shouted, remembering her demon cat, which was separated from them earlier. Sango frantically looks for her beloved Pet and Friend, but to no avail. She collapsed on the ground, crying and fearing not to see her ever again...

Miroku goes to her side, comforting her from her loss, without any perverted acts to her...

Shippo woke up last, still having a head ache at the previous event.

“Kagome, are you alright?” Inuyasha asked Kagome, who was sitting right next to him. Kagome just gave a nod to him, as she looks around the field.

“Hey, where the heck are we?” Shippo asked in a squeaking voice, he seems to be screaming all the way, that caused his voice to sound like that.

“I don’t know, but where ever we are, I’m sure that Naraku planned this...” Inuyasha proclaims as he goes down and sniffs the ground. His ears perk as he hears scuffling on the forest beyond, thanks to his dog-like ears, he hears something immediately.

“What is it Inuyasha?” Kagome noticed this immediately, as Inuyasha glares to the forest...

“Something is coming...” Inuyasha instated, as he said something rushed towards them, the thing comes out, revealing to be a lion, with a scorpions tail and a pair of wings.

“What is that?!” Shippo shouted in despair, as he gawk to the horrible creature.

“We must have gotten its attention when we crashed through...” Miroku proclaims, as he prepares for battle...

Inuyasha readies Tetsusaiga, it grows to its maximum form and prepares to fight, while Kagome prepares her bow and arrow.

“I guess Naraku is going despirate!” Inuyasha jokingly said, as the creature prepares to charge, seeing food in front of him.

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