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Inuyasha - A Demon-Dog Among Ponies - ChromeRegios

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Chapter 3 - Mistaken Identity

Celestia was leading the group all the way to the deep forest,, Twilight and the others following closely behind, Celestia looked around the familiar path she used to take back home when she and Luna were young fillies, she remembered the forest green and vibrant in life and the animals always weren't shy for any one walking down this familiar road, the memories of a once peaceful nation, no evil among the forest, a wide place to play. But since...some creatures became hostile and dangerous, the forest became a shadow of its former glory... for the Princess, it was a nightmare... A small tear went down her cheek, as she reminisced the melancholic feeling that she felt long ago, now forgotten...

Twilight trots over to her teacher, looking worried. “Is everything alright?"

“Yes, Twilight... I just remembered something, nothing to worry about...”

“What’s it about?”

“Just...” She paused, “When Luna and I are still young... we used to play at this very pathway, and go home going through here...” Celestia said, nearly tearing at the memory of those days...

Just then, Twilight felt an aura... something demonic, and yet...powerful at the same time...

“Twilight, you felt it too” Celestia was unfazed from it, the others seemed to feel the effect, this was new feeling for the six.

“What in tar-nation was that feeling?” Applejack asked, nearly getting ready to run back to Ponyville.

“I felt that too...” rarity proclaims, Fluttershy lets out a squeak, knowing the she felt it as well. Pinkie Pie was...well... Not affected by the strange aura, she tilts her head wondering what’s going on with her friends.

“Why are you all look so glum?” She asked as she bounces towards her friends.

Celestia became alert, as she trots over the devastated location where pieces of hydra meat was scattered all around. Large scratch like marks was imprinted at the ground, heading towards the destroyed mountain.

“What could have done this?” Celestia asked, surprised at the carnage that recently happened here... then suddenly...”The one responsible for this...is close... very close...”

“I feel it too, that aura...seems strong...” Twilight examines the marks, and sees several markings of what it seems to be foot marks...

As they continued to search the area, they soon stumbled upon a clearing... there at the middle of the clearing, is a napping Inuyasha, slumped at his right side, while his right hand is over his head using it as he balance it with his head. Everyone seemed to tilt their head to the side all asking in unison...

“What the buck?”

Rarity gathers her thoughts and spots what this creature is wearing, a robe of some sort colored in bright red... and his hair is pure silver and long enough even for a normal pony... but she soon stops and jerks back, seeing whats on his head, was ears of a dog...

Rarity had a bad experience of a dog, especially gem dogs... she backed away and returned to her friends...

“What is this creature?” Twilight asked.

“I don't know, but his robe is simply to die for!” Rarity proclaims.

“It looks like a party “animal” get it?” Pinkie commented... but no one took notice of her.

"Princess, is this the critter?" Applejack was the last to ask.



"I'm sorry Twilight," Her eyes traveled to his face then his sword stuck between his arms, then finally his hair," I spaced out a little." She said as she shook her head.

“What kind of a creature are you?” She said through her mind, as they gazed at the strange thing in front of them...


"Ugghhhh!!" Rainbow Dash grunts, getting irritated not finding any kind of sign of destruction, "how hard could it be to find a giant glowing ball that can destroy a whole mountain?" She flew further into the deep forest, until she could see Celestia and the others at the clearing. "About time!"


Rainbow Dash glides down with the others, startling them in the process...

“Sorry, I was trying to find this place when~” She spots Inuyasha, slumped against the ground.

“Who or what in Equestria is that?” Rainbow Dash said, in a high tone. She soon spots Inuyasha’s dog-like ears “Is that a dog?” she said, Everyone's attention was towards Rainbow Dash, then suddenly she burst out laughing, she fell on the ground clutching her sides, laughing so loud that unknown to them, Inuyasha had woken up... Rainbow Dash kept laughing until...

“Alright, who’s the numb scull that disturbed my sleep again?”

All of them glanced back at the spot where Inuyasha was, but he wasn’t there... instead he was behind them on a tree branch.

"Up there!" Rarity pointed and everyone could see in the nearest tree where Inuyasha stood with his hands on his sleeves.

“Great, first an eight headed monster, a chicken snake, now a bunch of talking colored horses? Am I in a sick place or what?” Inuyasha said, grunting on his word...

Celestia took a step forward “Who are you and what are you?" Her voice was demanding but gentle, but it made no sense to Inuyasha.

“It’s not nice to ask someone what they are, without saying your name first.” Inuyasha points out a logical explanation and reason.

Everyone was speechless at the behavior this creature was revealing at their princess, but Celestia cleared her throat and gave a welcoming smile, “My name is Princess Celestia, I am ruler of Equestria and raiser of our sun."

“Is that so? Well I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!” Inuyasha drops down, with hands still under his sleeves... “I don’t take kindly to Princesses or Kings for that matter missy!”

All of them were a bit disgusted to the fact this creature is saying that to their Princess. But Celestia stood unfazed but kept a grin, “That was uncalled for," she walked forward a little towards Inuyasha," But I can understand you’re in a new world and it is confusing for you."

“Confusing?! Attacking two weird ugly monsters in one siding makes it odd, but battling Naraku is something else! And for the record.... I’M NOT CONFUSED I'M STUMPED!!” Inuyasha shouts at them. Then looks at them again... "That aside from the fact I am not a stinking helpless puppy, makes this even more confusing to the fact that...why are you all still doing here?" He adds.

Celestia answers his question "Because we don't know what happened in this part of the forest, some Hydras were suppose to be lurking through this path and now it seems that they’ve vanished," Celestia eyed Inuyasha, " Did you perhaps defeat it?"

“So those giant snakes like creatures are called Hydras, huh? What a bunch of weaklings...” Inuyasha boasted at his physic and stretches up high to gain his muscles some slack...

Celestia was a little surprised but regained her composure in an instant, “Well if you can come with me back to Canterlot, I wish to know how you did it."

Inuyasha looked at her, with a funny look. “Canter-what?”

“Canterlot, my palace...” Celestia said calmly...

“Hmmm let me think, sure I’ll go to a strange castle that a so called “Princess” is offering me to go... AS IF I’LL GO!! Ha! Nice try Naraku But I could clearly see what your plan is!” Inuyasha cracks his fist ready for a beat down.

"If you don't comply peacefully, I will have to use force to take action... and that is one thing I don't like doing." Celestia proclaims...

“Know what I think?” Inuyasha started. “I think you’re wasting your time!” Inuyasha leaps towards the sky yelling...


Inuyasha slashes over head, missing his target, as Celestia dodges from the attack.

Everypony gasped at this, Celestia was kindly asking for the creature to come back, and it just had the nerve to attack her head on... Celestia let out a sigh, " Very well, if you don't want to come quietly, "Celestia got into her battle stance " I will have to fight you and bring you there, unconscious or not! If I let you be free and roam around the forest, then I will be restless, knowing that a dangerous creature such as your self is walking in the forest... you know I cannot allow you to leave knowing one of my little ponies could be harmed by your actions."

“ENOUGH TALK, NARAKU!! You think a pathetic horse like form could save you from my attacks?!” Inuyasha lunged at her again, preparing for another claw slash.

Celestia sent a spell at Inuyasha who just slashed it with his sharp claws, but loosing his momentum,he glared at Celestia, he landed meters away from the Princess still looking annoyed by her. "So, you’re not such a push-over aren't you?" he pulled out Tetsusaiga. “Fine, let's see if you can put up more of a fight then what those snake-heads did."
“My little ponies get out of here! Find somewhere to hide!” Celestia said, her voice was unchanged but carried more authority with it. The six complied and went to cover near the tree line and watched....Twilight prayed that she would come out alright... the others did the same

“IT’S SHOW TIME!!!” Inuyasha shouts, pointing Tetsusaiga at her, “You ready... Princess?”

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