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Inuyasha - A Demon-Dog Among Ponies - ChromeRegios

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Chapter 4 - Battle of the Dog and the Princess

Inuyasha charged head on towards Celestia, but she quickly dodged it as she jumped over head. Inuyasha stops and looks up just in time to see her charging her horn and fires energy bolts over to him. Inuyasha quickly jumps up as well to evade the bolts.

“Is that all you got?” Inuyasha boasted as he streaks towards Celestia.

“I’m not even begun to fight.” Celestia flew back down and fires at him while in mid air, hitting Inuyasha dead on...

“Aaarrgghh!!” Inuyasha lets out a pained wail and drops down to the ground, and skidding across the open field.

“I’ll give you one last chance! Come quietly, or prepare to take the consequences.” Celestia ordered.

“Heh...know what I say? GO SUCK A CACTUS!” At this instant Inuyasha’s tetsusaiga pulsed...




Celestia felt that his energy suddenly changing, as his sword begins to transform to something made out of crystals... Inuyasha looks at her in such grin in his face.

“You’re finished, ADAMANT BARRAGE!!!”

Inuyasha releases a barrage of crystals towards Celestia, she barely dodged them all but gets hit twice every second....

Celestia backs away, a bit injured on the attack and nearly loose her footing on the landing.
Celestia cringes at her wounds, not that deep, but it still stings for her.

“Well, well, well... Look who’s about to bow down.” Inuyasha lifts tetsusaiga and balances it to his shoulder, showing off his power to her...

“I will not give up, not by an invader like you!” Celestia proclaims... as she teleports and appears on top of him, blasting Inuyasha with another yet powerful energy blast. Inuyasha took out his sword and blocks it, negating most of the blast.

“Is that all?” Inuyasha taunts as he switches his blade to another form, this time it’s in the form of a dragon scale, which made Celestia surprised.
“Surprised?” Inuyasha asked in a mocking tone... Celestia remains silent, before long Celestia was about to speak when...

“TOO SLOW!” Inuyasha turns his sword ablaze, sending a streak of fire towards her, she dodged but not getting burned of her left wing, again she cringes in pain.

“Had enough?” He asked, “I suppose YOU’RE not that much of a PRINCESS are you?” He said still in a mocking tone....

“HOW DARE YOU!!” Rarity shouts from the bushes.

“No! How dare YOU!” Inuyasha looks at them in a glaring; he rose up tetsusaiga and prepares to attack them. “WIND SCAR!!!”

The blast of that strong attack streaks towards them, the purple pony quickly uses her abilities and teleports them out just in time before the attack reaches them all, it lets out a huge explosion sending dust as high as the sky get to.

“Your an ANIMAL! Coward!” Celestia shouted at Inuyasha.

“What did you say?” Inuyasha is now angrier than usual.


“Did you guys hear that?” Shippo said, perking his little fox ears.

“Hear what?” Kagome asked, as she deals in the cards. as another explosion burst from somewhere to only Shippo can hear.

“That!” Shippo said, trying to let them know.

“Hear what? We don’t hear anything Shippo...” Miroku said, as he looks at his cards.

“Oh come on! It was loud enough for you to go deaf!” Shippo insisted... Another explosion is heard but this time, Sango felt it not heard it.

“You know what guys... I think Shippo is right, there was an explosion...” Sango said, confirming Shippo’s acquisition.

“THANK you!” Shippo said, letting air as he was glad that he’s not lying for once.

“Alright, let’s see what Inuyasha’s up to...” Kagome stood up and gathers the cards and put them on the stack.
“H-hey! b-b-but-I-was-gonna...” Miroku said, pouting as she takes the cards away... He would have one too... his cards were enough to win the game... but then he failed to do so... All he can do is sat in a part of the field and scribble random things at the dirt, depressed.

“Miroku, we’ll play again later, let’s go find Inuyasha first.” Kagome suggested as they all pack up Kagome’s stuff into her bag...

“It’s a miracle that Kagome got her bag, I thought I’ve seen her left it in town...” Shippo thinks to himself.

“Hey, Kagome...” Sango started. “I thought Miroku would be glad that were heading out?”

“Huh? Maybe he liked the game and wants to get back at Shippo...”


The two girls giggled at his ridicule, and heads towards the forest to find Inuyasha...



Inuyasha sends another destructive attack; Celestia dodged it again, but with the help of the purple pony...

“What is this creature?” Twilight asked.

“Ah don’t know Twi. But he is ah lot stronger than he looks” Applejack said, leaning over Rarity

“That’s it!” Rainbow Dash stood up and streaks towards Inuyasha, “I’m not gonna let this punk, insult our Princess and get away with it!” Dash said, in a blind fury.

“Dash, no!” Twilight tried to stop her but she was too fast... She streaks towards Inuyasha full speed... Inuyasha noticed this and what he did next surprised all the ponies...


Inuyasha clobbered Dash like what he always does to Shippo very now and then...

“Stay down! Moron!” Inuyasha cracks his fist, and glaring at the downed Rainbow Dash, who seems to have swirly eyes...

“Well that was weak... A simple punch and she’s out cold... THAT’S PATHETIC! Can all of you put out of a fight? I MEAN COME ON!!” Inuyasha rants, the reason is he’s not even trying and these creatures are not putting much of a fight...

“I did not want to do this...” Celestia turned to the six ponies, her horn glowing at the same time the elements of harmony appeared, knowing what this meant Twilight stepped out in front. Applejack roped Rainbow Dash back and woke her up, still a bit confused of what just happened, Rainbow Dash stood up and notice the Elements were in view.

“About time!” Rainbow Dash proclaims.

"Girls into position!" Twilight said as they all got behind Twilight and they suddenly started to float in midair, a lavender bubble surrounded them, this caught Inuyasha’s attention as Celestia was in her combat stance, All the six ponies eyes started to glow and their element's started to glow white, each beam looped to another from Rainbow Dash, to Applejack, to Rarity, to Pinkie Pie, to Fluttershy, and finally to Twilight whose eye's glowed white like her mentors.

The energy of the Elements of Harmony glowed brightly. But instead of going to Inuyasha, the magic flowed from the elements was heading towards a charged spell at the tip creating a ball and to the end of Celestia's horn. She was now gold instead of purple, the ball seemed to be beating, like a heart beat calm and slow and warming, Inuyasha sighed and Got tetsusaiga down and focuses his energy to it, but then again... he thought of grabbing for his Sheaf and instead of wasting energy for that blast he could just deflect it, now he was in a choosing situation... Celestia then threw the combined energy blast at Inuyasha, all of them smiling triumphantly. Inuyasha has to think fast, what will he do?

-You decide-

(The Defensive Path)
(The Destructive Path)

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