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scootaloos wish - Derpylicious

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chapter 4

"Wait... Why would you want ME to become an alicorn Changeling?!" Scootaloo gasped, stepping back.

"In contrast to your attitude, you're a very intelligent filly, Scootaloo" the tall mare smiled menacingly "and I was thinking of adding a certain pony the name of Trixie to my little clan. But you are right here..." Chrysalis put her hoof under her prey's chin "now, this won't hurt a bit..."

Scootaloo had failed her attempt to scream as she was completely embraced by a gooey substance springing right at her, and put flat on to the back, under the difficulty, she could still breathe, with much effort. She started to kick and lash out her hooves but that only angered the tight substance to a point where she was ultimately under the trap's control.

"So, Scootaloo. Do you agree?" a question without option. The filly finally surrendered and nodded her head, regretting it as soon as she did. "Now, sorry, but this little thing WILL hurt" wrong was she not, as Scootaloo was shaken by a dark, emerald flame. Her coat burned, skin began to crackle. Her hooves began crippling and degrading away and another heavy headache grew her an uneven, Changeling horn. Soon, the transformation was over, but the pain remained. She stood up and looked round, seeing a little squirrel in the distance, as quick as a flash she shot a dart from her horn and burst the petty animal into flames.

Chrysalis was smiling "you're gonna go far, kid..."


"Where could she be?! I couldn't find her in Ponyville at all!" Rainbow was pacing the floor, her hooves clopping across the cold marble.

The remaining Cutie Mark Crusaders just sat dumbstruck by Rainbow's constant rant.

That second Zecora had bombed into the room, panting. All eyes on her, waiting for her to collect her breath.

"If it is Scootaloo you miss..." a few more breaths, and the attention was high "...find Queen Chrysalis!"

"Did you see her?!" Rainbow's eyes full of question and grief.

"Rainbow Dash, don't make a scene - but Scootaloo is now a Changeling Queen!"


"You will be very happy here, Scootaloo" Chrysallis smiled "I am getting a little old now" the Changeling lifted up a mirror "not that I look it at all", with a bashful giggle of pride. Scootaloo looked around, now noticing none of the bug like creature had cutie marks, and neither did the queen.

"Wait...will I get a cutiemark?" Scootaloo said, expecting the response to be what she dreams.

"oh, no child" the queen waved her hoof dismissively "and if you had one before you changed, the change would have been more painful, as any mark is literally burned of you coat"

"also queen-"

"Oh, call me aunt Chrissie. All my subjects do" she said almost warmly, scratching Scootaloo's head with her hollow hoof.

"Okay! I must ask, does it hurt when you take the form on another?" Scootaloo said, "like when I became a Changeling?"

"oh, no! Not at all! It is but natural, just not for a little filly like you were"

"AND SHE WILL BE AGAIN!" suddenly cried a angry voice

Author's Note:

again, cant thank my wonderful editor even a little too much.

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