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scootaloos wish - Derpylicious

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chapter 5

Chrysalis flicked her head to the side, her eyes gleaming with rage "what are you doing here?!" she hissed

"saving my little sister!" snapped Rainbow Dash, a Zebra entering behind her.

"Ha! Sister? You couldn't even keep her from losing her abilities to fly, did you?" the queen smirked, "OR stop her from going into the Everfree Forest..." Rainbow's face was burning, until the rage snapped the line. She launched herself forth at the giant bug, propelling her backwards. The Changeling screeched and whacked her hooves up to the mares chest, knocking her flying right back into a large rock.

"HA! You little fools! You really thought that would work? Oh, come on!" the queen looked cool and calm, like she wasn't even stamping on an ant in a joke like this. Zecora, from nature, is a character of more logic than vigor. And so, her features strained in concentration about her first move.

"What is going on, auntie Chrissie?" said Scootaloo, creeping out of the cave that separates Chrysalis' home from her sleeping quarters. Rainbow flew up again and right at Scootaloo for a close look.
"What have you done with my sister?! You worthless bug!" she pinned her to the floor, her hooves pressing deeply at her throat. "D-Dash... it's me!" the changeling filly said, struggling for breath. Rainbow looked into her eyes, seeing a familiar glimpse in those portals

"oh, Scoots!" she grabbed her whole and hugged "What have they done to you, Scoots?!" Rainbow held back tears.

"I didn't have a choice, I was scared that she would kill me if I refused!" Scootaloo wept into RD's fur "I didn't mean it!" she looked like the school filly she was only the year before. JUST like that: "I just wanted to fly. I wanted to be special; NOT worthless! And now, all my hopes and dreams have been snatched away from me! But... But she..."

Scootaloo's voice trailed off as she turned her head at Chrysalis "offered them back to me. And I, I didn't have you"

"Mutiny!" Chrysallis rolled her eyes "disgrace, young Scootaloo! Do you not understand?!" Chrysalis sauntered over, her head high "this is NOT a lesson in the magic of friendship!This is little Scootaloo's turn to stop being a scum and do something useful, in a contrast!" the queen gripped at Sootaloo's wing and ripped it like it was paper "that's why I gave you your wings!" Scootaloo was struck with savage pain, but after a little trembling, the muscles of her wings were still able to respond, and so she fired herself from the ground and hit the queen in the face like a bullet in the air "Serpent!" screamed the giant insect like mare, recovering her brain in her skull. When all was settled, she aimed and her horn released a devastating beam of destructive laser, pounding at Scootaloo with first shot. The formally majestic Scootaloo flopped to the floor like a leaf, crumbing away into a silent, still heap on the floor.

"SCOOTS!!" Rainbow sped towards the ground, "Scoots! wake up little sis! please!" Rainbow went from controllable shouting to a whine which seemed to break will all emotion that boiled in her stomach. Tears - the heavy rain upon the blue
plains of her face. Chrysalis, nowhere to be found. Optimism would say that this would be the point at which Scootaloo would open her eyes, but reality was only there to prevent that from happening.

Author's Note:

yet again thank you for the proofreading, poisoning orchid , also I you want to hear a reading of the story (from the beginning) on youtube (by little_Minionz ) http://www.youtube.com/user/LordMinionz/videos

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