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scootaloos wish - Derpylicious

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chapter 2

"RIGHT!" snapped a gray, bland looking mare entering the class room. "NO CHEWING, NO MAKE UP, MANES HAVE TO BE TIED UP, AND MOST OFF ALL BE PREPARED! am I clear?" the class remand silent, too shocked to speak "I said, am I clear?" then there was a chorus of "Yes miss" all at different times. "Good, now luckily for you, your first lesson will be a practical outside to test your wing strength" Scootaloo in her seat wriggled in excitement " you there!" the teacher pointed at Scootaloo " did I see you with a rainbow pegasus, out side today, what is your relation to her?" the teacher seemed interested.

"miss, she is my sister, by adoption, miss" Scootaloo swallowed, she had never been to school, was this the right answer?

"my daughter is a big fan of Rainbow Dash, she will love to know that I have a relation in my class!" everypony was looking at Scootaloo, most mouths open, was Dash really this famous? Scootaloo was then snapped out of her train of thought by the teacher "oh, and miss...ummm...Scootaloo is it?, good you will, and so will everypony, address me as Mrs Featherstorm, not miss"


It was a different teacher for the practical. many filly's and colts still whispering in disbelief, looking obviously in Scootaloo's direction.

"Ok, its simple, do it as I show you and you will be fine" the stallion put his front hooves forward, bent down, and whizzed into the sky, past a few post's and around some clouds. I would be easy for scootaloo, Rainbow had already taught her stuff like this.

She watched patiently as the other filly's completed the path as easily as they walked, this would be nothing to her.

"ok...next a miss...Scootaloo?" she stepped forward, following the teachers example and she was off, she was faster then any other student so far, she thought to her self how proud Dash would be, and smiled.

Then she felt a shock in her left wing, only a little one at first so she brushed it off, but then more came, and over her right wing as well, she flapped, and flapped, and flapped, but it was no use her wings would not move, she stared to fall, now given up she tried to use her hooves as wings, but any fool could see this would not work, she blacked out.


When she woke up, she was surrounded by doctors, nurses, and pony's. Rainbow Dash was crying, and Applebloom and Sweetie Belle looked like they had only just stopped.

"Scootaloo..." started nurse Redheart "we have some bad news..." it was clear this was the first time Rainbow, Sweetie or Applebloom had heard this, they where looking grim and listening intently. "you will never be able to fly again, Scootaloo..."

The room was silent, had she heard right? why could she not fly? "wait, how?" Rainbow Dash said breaking the silence.

"It is a condition she would have had her whole life, but we have only just been alerted of it, and at a very awkward moment, we have had filly's get it in strange time's, but never one flying in the air before!" nurse Redheart looked completely stumped.

"So...when would I have got it?" Scootaloo was calm, although she could almost feel her very sole ripping, her heart breaking and her dreams dying.

"When you where born we expect. When your mother died in childbirth we thought there was no lasting damage, but it appear we where wrong, if we had detected this straight away..." Rainbow interrupted the mare as she spoke.

"You could have prevented this?" Rainbow was now fuming with rage her feathers well and truly ruffled.

"Well we could have-"

"HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW! AND DON'T TELL ME YOU COULDN'T FIND IT!" Rainbow was almost screaming, tears down her face "YOU SHOULD HAVE LOOKED HARDER!" Rainbow was now calmer, but still in a complete state. "and now, she cant fly!, she lost her parents!, and now she lost her wings!, are you trying to take everything away from her?"

"Miss Dash, her parents death was not our fault, neither was the wings, now visiting time is over can you please leave" nurse Redheart looked stern and irritated.

"no, I am staying here!" she glanced at scootaloo. "I'm family."

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