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scootaloos wish - Derpylicious

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chapter 3

Scootaloo didn't go back to flight school. She couldn't. It took her a while to return to normal school. The incident had shocked everyone; even Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had shut up and stopped making jokes. Everypony always looked at her all the time and handled her, as if she would explode from emotions, like a large crying orange bomb.

When school was over she often had to wander around aimlessly for an hour or more, as RD's job meant she was home late, and Scootaloo was not allowed to fly to Rainbow Dash's home like she did before.

People often said the Everfree forest was dangerous, but why would she care? Did it matter if she was never seen again; by anypony?

She walked for a little amount of time before hearing a low sultry voice from the shadows. "Well, well, well... What little filly has come into my trap today" Queen Chrysalis giggled. Scootaloo was now shivering in fear as Chrysalis pulled her face to Scootaloo's as close as she could. "Boo"

Scootaloo started to run, but Chrysalis stamped on her tail, trapping her down as Scootaloo's attempts to crawl away became futile. "Fly away, you useless chicken!" Scootaloo gave up and struggled no to cry.

"I can't fly! I lost the ability of flight in an accident!" Chrysalis took her hoof of Scoot's tail, as an idea sprung into her evil mind.

"I do have the power to grant you such wings you speak of..." she started, with Scootaloo looking up in wonder.

"Can you?! Really?!" Scootaloo drew into the idea.

"Oh, but yes. I can give you everything you ever wanted" the Changeling Queen then backed up and gazed at the small, trembling pony "aye, on one little condition..." she smiled wickedly under the reflections of her own intentions "you join me, as Changeling alicorn..."

Author's Note:

I know it is pretty short but this is a good cliff hanger I think! (also thanks to my WONDERFUL proof reader and editer aga!)

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