• Published 22nd Dec 2012
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Dawn of the First Day - Miniscule Literary

A man with nothing to lose finds himself in Equestria. But which version of Equestria is he in?

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In the Company of Royalty

Before he knew it, Alfonz was soaring through the skies above Ponyville. The effects of Twilight's spell seemed to lessen the further he got from her, but this amounted to being able to shuffle in place at best. The man didn't move much, however. He merely slumped down into his seat, staring blankly at the two bizarre pegasi at the helm of the carriage.

His mind had taken quite the beating during his near miss with Rarity. He had been in tight spots before, this was true, but never had he come so close to intimacy with a pony. Part of him simply wanted to fall off the carriage and embrace the sweetness of death. Another part of him wished to give in, to give the ponies what they wanted, and perhaps even try to enjoy it himself.

But he could not bring himself to do either. He very much wanted to live, and he had standards. He simply could not stoop so low as to fornicate with cute little innocent ponies, no matter how demented and horny they may be. They were still the happy, funny, adventurous creatures he had grown to love to him.

It was easy to give up. He had remained resolute and resourceful throughout his stay thus far, but his mind simply couldn't take anymore. And here he was, off to another dangerous situation, perhaps even worse than the last. If he couldn't escape the clutches of the Mane Six, how the hell would he evade the Princesses? Perhaps Celestia would be different. Perhaps being an ancient pony deity would give her some sort of immunity. The fact that her sister, Luna, had already proven that false gave him considerable worry, however.

If nothing else, he could hide behind Luna. She seemed to be fairly gentle with her advances, and wanted a sort of relationship, rather than just intimacy. Perhaps he could use that to his advantage, to pit her against the rest in an attempt to keep them all at bay. It was a stretch, one that could easily backfire if he wasn't careful, but he had very few options at this point.

Before the man knew it, they were passing the mountains, of which Canterlot was a part of. The massive capital of Equestria soon came into sight, an impressive beacon of equine ingenuity. At such a height, the city and its surroundings were beyond beautiful, but Alfonz found himself unable to appreciate them. He knew his doom lay within.

The carriage shot gracefully down toward Canterlot, toward the massive and impressive structure that was the Royal Palace. A small landing station lay some distance up one of its towers, leading into the palace proper. The carriage stopped here, of course, the pegasi slowing with surprising ease, before undoing their own restraints to aid in his departure. The man stood uneasily, his muscles still stiff from what remained of Twilight's spell. The pegasi were there to help, perhaps a little too readily; they were all too eager to have bodily contact when he was stumbling away from the carriage.

"Princess Luna has requested your presence. She waits for you inside," one of the guards explained, gesturing with a wing toward the interior of the palace.

"Thanks..." Alfonz murmured with a frown, staring at the doorway hesitantly. As he started toward it, the pegasi followed, pressing their flanks against him as they did. He shot them an annoyed glance, stopping. "Your services are no longer required. I appreciate the help, but I've got it from here."

The guards looked a bit disappointed in response, but nodded. He stumbled on alone, his hair rippling in the strong winds that roared through Canterlot's high reaches. As he made his way inside, he was immediately hit with a pleasing heat; unlike the outside of the palace, the interior was apparently kept warm despite its elevation. This made sense, Celestia being the Princess of the Sun and all.

The palace interior was as impressive as one might think; high walls, incredibly complex and beautiful artistry, and guards (all female) abound. Candles burned softly around him, though most of the light that graced the royal halls came from the evening sun. He found it odd, that he would be meeting the Princess of the Night during the day, but she didn't seem like the type to wait.

A short, mindless trek down the hall gave way to a massive throne room, much to Alfonz's surprise. His eyes wide, he stumbled weakly to the center of the room, noticing that the walls were lined with royal guards. Almost instinctively, he looked up at the throne itself; sure enough, Princess Celestia sat before him, looking quite surprised herself at his sudden appearance.

Alfonz was so nervous he could vomit. This was his last hope, his last chance at peace. If Celestia was like them, it was all over. There was no escape.

"Greetings," Celestia said suddenly, smiling softly at him. Alfonz jolted at the sound, having grown lost in his own thoughts.

"Hi," he croaked, clearing his throat nervously. He felt the eyes of the surrounding guard upon him, and not for security reasons.

"You must be the 'human' my sister was talking about," she continued. "She seems to have taken quite the interest in you."

"I noticed," Alfonz muttered, mostly to himself, with a frown. Thankfully, the princess did not seem to notice his lack of enthusiasm.

"She will join us in a moment," Celestia assured. "But perhaps later, we could get to know one another better."

Alfonz stumbled, catching himself moments before he was about to collide face-first into the floor.

"She didn't mean it that way, she didn't mean it that way..." he repeated mentally to himself, staggering back to his feet. Celestia regarded him with considerable confusion.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah...sorry...really tired," he replied, holding onto his knees as he breathed in and out. He wasn't entirely lying; although, he felt as though he could sleep his life away. As he slowly regained his composure, Luna trotted into the room from the opposite direction he had entered, smiling widely as she spotted him.

"Alfonz, you made it!" she greeted him, resting her head on his shoulder in a brief gesture of affection. The man grimaced internally, but suppressed any outward emotion, much to his own surprise.

"Hello again, Luna," he replied with a weak smile. He felt as though he had been run over by a bus; exhausted both mentally and physically. And he hadn't even been up for very long!

"I apologize for the intrusion, sister," Luna said, looking toward Celestia. The larger alicorn smiled.

"No need to apologize, Luna," she insisted calmly. "A friend of yours is a friend of mine."

"Come, Alfonz, let us leave Celestia to her business," Luna said, a field of magic taking hold of the man's hand and pulling gently to lead him away. Despite the danger, he was inclined to follow her.

The two made their way through the pristine halls of the Canterlot Royal Palace, passing what seemed like hundreds of guards, and almost as many rooms. After climbing a magnificent carpeted staircase, they eventually came to set of blue-black doors.

"This is where you shall be staying," Luna explained, opening the doors with her magic. The interior was a lavish bedroom of incredible beauty; the furnishings and the walls were all various shades of blue and black, giving the room a very cool, calm feel. The circular bed itself, partially surrounded by a thin, dark blue privacy curtain, was absolutely massive; it put even the bed Alfonz had used at the manor to shame. As the man looked to the ceiling, he found an unbelievably detailed view of the night sky, almost as if he was looking into Luna's mane.

He couldn't help but gape at the alicorn's residence. She found this quite amusing, however.

"I hope you find it...satisfactory."

"You could say that," he replied absently, still trying to take in his surroundings. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. "I thought you lived on the moon?"

"I do," Luna replied with a nod. "But I have a room here in Canterlot, and my sister allows me to stay here whenever I wish."

"You don't say..." Alfonz responded, scratching his chin. With the shock fading, the exhaustion he had felt earlier returned in force, almost flooring him immediately. "Not to be rude...but...could you point me toward my bed? I'm about to keel over."

"Of course," Luna replied with a smile, moving into the room with Alfonz close behind. She quickly approached the gargantuan bed situated in one corner of the room, drawing the curtains back some and pulling the sheets partially down the length of the bed.

"This...?" Alfonz asked, disbelieving, as he approached. The alicorn nodded. The man felt as though he could've died on the spot.

Flopping onto the bed, he quickly crawled his way to the pillows, mumbling incoherently as he went. He was practically asleep before he even reached his destination, sprawled out over one half of the bed.

"My own room...in the palace..." he thought, moments before he fell asleep. "She stays on the moon, I stay here...maybe this isn't so bad after all..."

Alfonz slept for a long time. He wasn't exactly sure how long it was, but by the time he awoke, it was well into the next day. He had slept the remainder of the day before, all into the night, and into the following day. This impressed him quite a bit.

Getting up, however, was easier said than done.

His body, stiff from the long sleep, protested noisily as he stirred. He hadn't even pulled himself under the sheets before his sleep, merely clutching a few pillows when he awoke. The bed itself was painfully soft, as if sleeping on actual clouds. This made the process of waking up even more difficult.

He found that most of the candles that illuminated the room had been blown out; only the rays of the mid-morning sun were there to greet him. He found the light to be quite painful, even if it barely reached into the room. With the curtains drawn, he could easily facilitate night, and he thoroughly considered this before eventually deciding against it. He needed to get up and get moving, before something else went horribly wrong.

As Alfonz inched toward the edge of the bed, he heard a soft sound behind him. Turning to investigate, he found the sleeping form of Princess Luna not far away, resting comfortably on the other half of the gargantuan bed. The man instinctively froze, completely at a loss for words at the current situation. After making sure he was absolutely certain he had just been asleep the previous night, he slowly reached the edge of the bed and quickly stood.

"So much for my own room," he thought bitterly, frowning at the alicorn's sleeping form. She seemed so at peace with the idea of the two sharing a room, yet he found it to be sudden and more than a little concerning. This would not be as easy as he had hoped.

Despite it being well into the morning, Luna was asleep. Alfonz assumed this meant that she was, for the most part, a nocturnal presence; that she slept during the day, and only awoke for the night, except on special occasions, apparently.

This meant that, although he didn't have the safe haven he had wanted, it meant that he could move about Canterlot without incident, at least for a time.

Perhaps he could find a way to freedom after all.