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Many versions of Equestria exist, both canonical and fanonical. When a man whose life is in shambles finds joy in experiencing the Equestrian world, he quickly begins to wonder: Just what kind of Equestria has he entered?

This is a tale of a man who may find unexpected complications in paradise.

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This seems to be similar to Day One. Perhaps it's an alternate version? Or based off of it? Or maybe it's just a coincidence.

An indirect sequel perhaps?
Oh I know, the universe is just bored and keeps throwing people into our aforementioned cartoon to liven things up.
I wonder if its in the same timeline and everypony's memory is just wiped.
I've already got some ideas, more conspiracy fun times. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh shit if this is gonna turn out the way I think it is...

Oh damn, keep running man.

Its in the same general universe as Day One, on a very large scale. But it is very, very different. Alfonz will encounter very new problems while also being spared some of the ones David had to worry about.

Hmm...... Intriguing I will wait for next chapter like n fav

i like it. heh heh...alfonz...


Interesting. I will wait for more before I have a definite opinion.

This is going to be interesting....:pinkiecrazy:

Well Shits about to hit the Fan and with the Force of a thousand suns Can't wait for next chapter

so lets see here there are no stallions in equestria and all the mares are heterosexual (maybe, be funnier if they are) and this human guy comes in and all the mares see him as their only male that's available and he's not into ponies......
F^(|(ing run man :ajsmug::flutterrage::rainbowkiss::trixieshiftright::twilightblush::trollestia::duck::pinkiehappy:
eventually this will happen

You had me going for a minute, they are all in heat and the stallions(and spike) are out of town for the occasion.

ah. now it makes sense


OMG, yes! Yes this will happen. And I really suspect it will be Fluttershy to be the one with a blowgun and a hooffull of tranquilizer darts... she's the one who takes care of the wild animals, right? You Will Love Me! :flutterrage:

He better avoid the other pegasus, Rarity, we all know she's into leather and bondage in clopfic universes. Tho, running from the boutique in assless chaps and a ballgag, trailing fuzzy cuffs and some rope would be hilarious. :raritywink:

Not sure about Rainbow Dash, it's not like she can carry him off and hide him in her cloud house. (Aieeeeee! Gravity, we meet again) :rainbowhuh:

Applejack. Ropes. Hogtie. Nuf' said. :ajsmug:

God help him if the princesses get involved. (If? Feh, when) :trollestia:

:derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpyderp1::derpyderp2:Uhh, OK then. Somethings telling me they're all in heat.

Death by Snoo Snoo....

I d-don't know what to say. :rainbowderp: In a good way of course. :twilightsmile:

Oh luna:rainbowkiss:
Also, he's awfully hostile to fluttershy. :fluttershysad:

I agree with guang. It took me a bit to understand that he would punch Fluttershy. I just dont know how one would put that in a story.:rainbowhuh:

He's strong. I would probably simply give up and let them ravage me.

Oh my god, I can't stop giggling at this. Even poor poor Fluttershy's sly attempt at getting a feely. I have to say this guy has far more willpower than me, I would have at least scritched Flutter's behind the ear to see her flop over like a puppy... thus momentarily stunning her so I could escape undetected.

You know, it would almost make sense that in this MLP-clopverse-reality Lyra would not be a humanophile(?) she's always portrayed, instead, she's the only pony to go "Ew, what are you?" as if she stepped in something nasty on the street.

...and where the heck are all the stallions?

Tied up in the basement rutting chambers, heh heh heh. :pinkiecrazy:

Why is he being so mean to the ponies? Also, I can't wait for Pinkamena. :pinkiecrazy:
Once she finds him, if she's acting like the rest, he'd be better off just giving up, because it would be inevitable that she would get him eventually.

I don't know — It might have been easier just to make a deal with Luna... Sure we can spend more time together, but please have patience, it will take quite some time for me to get over my intraspecies taboos. As an immortal a courtship of a few years shouldn't be too much of a problem. Just please please keep these other horny ponies off of me in the meantime. Anything they try will just make me feel more uncomfortable with the idea and it would mean they would be stepping on your eventual turf.

Of course he could also bring up that his universe has billions of people like himself and that some fraction of them would be intrigued by the possibility of life with ponies and not be quite so squeamish with the idea. And if he were sent back he would contact them and maybe they could work out some kind of arrangement for their ... problems.

"I will punch your face."


I find no end of amusement at the turn of events and this particular iteration of Equestria. What, exactly, HAS he gotten himself into? SOme rampant disease sweeping through the world, eradicating males? Some erstwhile time of year where the males make themselves scarce for fear of being turned into walking sex toys? Or, perhaps, the most simple of all answers.
Males only exist as entities brought from another world.
Whatever the case, thumbs up for making this story comedic, since every decision is just a stone's throw away from Death by Snoo Snoo.

Run man, run until your legs give out.

The mare are all in heat and the males left town to not get glomped by all of them because of the gender imbalance in ponyville :eeyup:

Oh this is getting fun, the heat situation still seems like the most logical answer but I can't keep from thinking of some more ludicrous answers for whats going on.

My main backup is still that the universe is bored and cruel.

I could turn you into a stallion? Um no I think that would be the opposite of help...

1858377>>1857908 That or there are no males in this universe.

Welp, doesn't matter why, but he's f**cked.

He is already trying to kill himself damn he got it rough.

You know, things may work out better if he tried to talk to them instead of running every chance he gets.
Fluttershy would probably talk with him, twilight and rainbow seem like they would too, albeit more difficult to get through to.

"Justice thy name is BOOKCASE!"
"Just push me off the side of the clouds, please. I'll be fine."

I lol'd :rainbowlaugh:

A strange male being with two legs and two arms.
Please capture him alive and bring him to her highness Princess Molestia.

He keeps forgetting to ask the big question... "WHY?"

Isn't Rainbow Dash a lesbian? :pinkiegasp: PLOT TWIST

Im enjoying this story :twilightsmile: If mobs of Alien Cartoon horses tried to rape id be freaking scared shitless.

All that's missing in Twilight's Library is some Barry Mannilow playing in the background.

Let's hope he can put those "Magic Hands" to use and put Twilight under his spell (freshly Melted Pony anyone?) before she does something rash... involving the basement, plastic sheets and bottles of apple flavored lubrication, uh, all in the name of Science. Er, of course! :twilightsmile:

I don't buy it for a minute. Rainbow Dash is planning something. I don't know what, but... it'll be awesome! Because she's awesome! :rainbowlaugh:

...and everyone knows Dashie is Trisexual, she'll try it with anyone. :rainbowwild:

Al aint gona get raped!
wait, am I happy or sad? :rainbowhuh:

Looks like Alfonz and Spike will be going for a 'Indiana Jones' adventure to look for the stallions,who have founded their own utopia.

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