• Published 22nd Apr 2013
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Snickersnatch - SpiralWriter

Oddjob awakens to a much different Equestria . . .

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He smiled as he performed his tasks with effortless ability and cold calculation. Just the tiniest bit of magic and the slightest flick of the tip of his horn, and the others were freed. No longer would they be under the spell of the wretched queen. No longer would they mindlessly wander about, their only driving force her words and will. He was doing them a favor, he was showing them the way of truth.

They tried to fight him at first, tried to resist him. He even had to kill some of them. Such a shame, really. But he did not blame them, only felt pity that their last moments on this world was as an enslaved mind. But he would avenge them. He would free every last soul and lead them to the Deliverance. But for that, the Deliverer would require an army. An army of able-bodied souls who sacrifice everything, all in the name of being delivered from this atrocity that was considered freedom.

This hive was once considered one of the most powerful and productive hives of all changeling colonies out there, but now it was just a hollow shell of its former glory. He should know, he used to be one of her slaves until the Deliverer showed him the true path. Now, he would bring his brothers along with him, whether she wanted him to or not.

The changeling was rather odd, if being an emotion-harvesting insectoid filled with holes wasn't odd enough. He was lean, long, and taller than most other drones that roamed the land of Equestria. His sleek black carapace had strange, almost rune-like markings etched into his hide that glowed occasionally with an eery iridescent sheen that matched the green motif of his wings. The runes came up his neck and along his face in an almost warpaint manner, outlining his wide, never-blinking eyes in a skull-like pattern. Behind him, several more changeling drones shambled behind, their movements almost zombie-like and erratic. The displayed muscle twitches, and the same glow from the runed changeling also appeared in their eyes.

But besides these few followers, there laid an entire chamber of dead changelings behind him. Some were still, their lifeblood flooding the floor, while others desperately clung to their last few moments of breath. The tall changeling smiled almost sympathetically as he approached one of these dying drones, bending low to stare into its eyes. "Do not worry, brother." He said in an almost whispery tone, as if his voice was soft as silk. "I know you know not what you do. I forgive thee." He chuckled as he raised a foreleg and smashed it down, crushing the changeling's skull with a sickening crunch. Once he had wiped off the blood from his hole-filled hoof, he continued on.

The hive he invaded had once been called his home. He knew every corner, every nook and cranny of the pulsating pustule that hid within the Everfree Forest. Assaulting it was a breeze. His scent marked him an ally, and no drone would ever think him a traitor. Every soldier and scout was out hiding amongst the ponies, collecting love for their feeble queen, and the few behemoths the hive had were in slumber deep underground. It was perfect.

Now, as the changeling walked the green-lined halls of the hive, he came upon a familiar room. A small smile lit up his face, but he would have to pass up on the occasion to meet her. He didn't feel like prattling on while there was work to be done.

Down, down, down to the deepest reaches of the hive they went. Most of the hive had been alerted of their presence, and had either evacuated or been slain upon trying to stop them. He did not mind. If they could not be saved, then killing them would be a mercy from their brief existence as common slaves.

"Ah, here we are." The changeling said cheerily, the ones behind not responding to his optimistic tone at all, only continuing to shuffle behind absentmindedly. They arrived within a massive chamber that echoed with their every movement, the only thing visible was shadows and the dull glow of the taller changeling's runes.

The changeling moved to the center of the large chamber, a hulking pod as large as a boulder sitting in the center. It was vaguely egg-shaped, and pulsed ever so slightly with the small movements coming from within the pod.

"Oh look at you, a baby behemoth. I pity thee . . . so young, so innocent, only to awaken to a world where you cannot decide." The changeling shook his head. "But do not fear, young one. I am here to rectify that." He laid his head upon the side of the pod, the tip of his horn just touching it, a small spark of green energy shooting from it to course into the behemoth's pod. There was a small squeak of pain from within, then silence once more.

"There . . . when you awaken, and you're all big and strong, come and find me. The Deliverer will take you in with open hooves."

They left to the sound of frenzied panic and scared buzzing, something that does tend to happen whenever you leave a small fire going in the hive. The small fire would eventually grow into a big fire if left unchecked, and it appeared that had happened. The tall changeling took off with his entourage around him, their flying forms speeding across the night sky, only illuminated by the orange glow of a raging forest fire behind them and the screams of changelings trying to put it out. As the fire began to spread, even the fearsome beasts of the Everfree fled from the hungry flames that licked at them.

The changeling, scarred with runes of ancient heritage, turned around one last time to catch a glimpse of his hoofwork. The Deliverer would be ecstatic to know of the new additions to his army, Queen Chrysalis would not be, considering those additions were stolen from her very home.