• Published 6th Jan 2012
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A Strange New World - thatguyfromkfc

Spike messes up sending a letter and Fluttershy is sent to a different world.

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A New Friend

Fluttershy trembled at the sight of the creature. It was much bigger than her and his hair reminded her of a mop. Fluttershy shrunk further into the corner as the creature approached. It stretched out it's... what were they? It stroked her mane to calm her down. It worked Fluttershy stopped trembling and looked up at the human.
"I'm not going to hurt you." He said calmly "Now lets get you somewhere no one can hurt you." He picked her up as if she was a baby and climbed down the ladder carefully so he didn't accidentally drop her.
Jake opened the door slowly. He switched on the light and laid the now sleeping pegasus on the couch. He looked down at her and smiled at how peaceful she was. He went upstairs and turned the guest room light on. He looked into the partially empty room and smiled. He remembered the times when he was a kid and relatives came over. When his Grandma had died a few years before she had left him the house. He turned the light off and walked into his bedroom. He had been laying on his bed staring up at the ceiling for what felt like hours before he finally got to sleep.

Jake slowly opened his eyes and felt warm breath on his side. He looked down and saw Fluttershy sleeping there. He smiled. His smile was wiped off his face when he suddenly realised two things.

1. He would have to find a way to tell Fluttershy about the show


2. He would also have to tell him his secret.

Jake wasn't all that he seemed to be. Most people think him as being human. But he isn't. He's... different. There was a sudden squeak signalling Fluttershy's awakening. Jake turned round to see the timid yellow pegasus hiding in the corner. As soon as she saw his face she calmed down and slowly flew back to sit on the bed. It was suprising how quickly Fluttershy calmed down. Even though it was probably being kind that calmed her down Jake couldn't help but feel warm inside. He felt happier than he had ever been. Just the fact that he wasn't the only person who was far away from home made him happy. He knew he was going to have to tell her the secret. He didn't know when or how he was going to do it but he was going to. She had to know.
Fluttershy rested her head against the humans hand smiling. She was happy she had a friend. Even if they were from a different universe and were a different species. At least she knew she wasn't alone. She knew she'd be safe with him. If he was going to hurt her he would have done it by now. She didn't know how he had found her or why he wasn't scared of her but she would have to find that out later. For now she was safe with her new friend. She was sure her other friends were working on a way to get her back but she wasn't entirely sure she wanted to leave. She had only just made a new friend. They still needed to get to know each other and Fluttershy was sure that there was something he needed to tell her. She could tell by his facial expressions. Like he wanted to tell her but decided against it. She looked up and smiled at her friend. Maybe this world isn't bad after all.
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