• Published 6th Jan 2012
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A Strange New World - thatguyfromkfc

Spike messes up sending a letter and Fluttershy is sent to a different world.

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What Is This Place?

Spike held the scroll at arms length and blew. Red and Orange flames burst out. There was a sudden blow of wind from the side knocking the fire off course. Fluttershy just happened to be standing there at the time. The flames engulfed the terrified pegasus. Panicking Spike attempted to stop it but it was too late. Fluttershy had gone and nopony knew where.

Fluttershy opened her eyes and shrieked. She was surrounded by strange creatures. They could stand up on two... hooves? They had claws and there was alot of them. They all had a pair of them. Fluttershy shot upwards in terror landing on the nearest roof. She was scared. Scared and alone. Surrounded by these terrifying creatures. Where were her friends? More importantly... where was she?
The man slowly walked through the streets looking around slowly. He swore he had seen a yellow blur shoot upwards. But he couldn't see anything anywhere. It was a busy day for the town of Aylesbury. People were rushing about trying to get their shopping done. It was just after New Years so Jake didn't have much money left after all of the Christmas shopping he had done. Jake is the man that was mentioned. He didn't have a job so he couldn't make any money. He'd be living on the streets if it wasn't for his family giving him money. The only thing he really did all day was sit on the computer watching pony videos. Or he'd be out walking. He scanned the skies for any sign of the yellow blur. That was when he spotted it. Cowering behind the chimney of a house was a small yellow pegasus.
Fluttershy cowered behind the brown brick chimney. She didn't know what to do. She looked around for anywhere to go but there was nothing. She was trapped. She didn't know if they were friendly or not. She knew that these were definitly the creatures Lyra had talked about. From how she had described them Fluttershy knew these were the 'humans' Lyra was so obssesed with. She suddenly heard a sound coming from the edge of the roof. Fluttershy sank backwards trying to hide herself. She heard footsteps, on what she gathered to be, a ladder. A face suddenly came up from behind the wall. One of the humans had found her.
Authors Notes: Sorry about the shortness of this chapter I'll try to make the next chapters longer. Tell me what you think so far in the comments!