• Published 9th Nov 2012
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To Love a Mare - Mayhem Darkshadow

What starts off as a simple sleep over for Twilight and Equestria's Princess of the Night turns into an adventure filled with love, romance, lies, trials, friendship, and forgiveness. Though many ponies will question what happens they remain str

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The Best Way to Keep A Secret

Written by: Mayhem Darkshadow
Edited by: psychohooves


Chapter 3: The Best Way to Keep a Secret

Twilight and Luna decided to keep there blossoming relationship a secret from all of their close friends and family. Even though nopony had judged either of them for their feelings for each other, they just felt that they weren't ready to tell anyone yet. They both agreed that if anyone asked they would just tell them that it didn't work out, but they were still friends. Everypony seemed to believe this, and they were satisfied.

There was something that they were both worried about however; that was how they would maintain their relationship even though Twilight lived in Ponyville and Luna was up in Canterlot. Luna suggested that they could continue having sleepovers, but Twilight said that would cause suspicion. Luna then proposed that she could just come to Ponyville during the day or at least maybe the afternoons; however, Twilight told her that this idea wasn't any better. Eventually, the two mares agreed on a plan. Once or twice a week Twilight would travel to Canterlot or Luna would come to Ponyville. This was a solid plan, and the two mares gave it a shot. The first week was a little rough, but the second week was much easier; furthermore, nopony showed any suspicion or even questioned them.

It was after three weeks of keeping their relationship a secret that Twilight mentioned whether or not they would tell anyone. It was two weeks before Hearth's Warming Ever and Luna was in Ponyville for the evening. Twilight had sent Spike to Rarity's, much to his overwhelming joy, so that they could be alone. They were cuddled up together on the couch reading a book. The fire was warm and they also had a blanket thrown over them.

"Luna?" asked Twilight softly.

"Yes sweetie?" Luna whispered.

"Do you think it's maybe time we tell our friends and family about our relationship?" Twilight asked her.

Luna remained silent. She wasn't mad or angry, she was just pondering the question.

"Hmm...well I don't know Twilight. Its been three weeks; however I'm just not sure if I feel ready to tell anyone yet," said Luna nervously after a long silence.

"That's alright. I was just curious. Honestly I don't think I'm ready yet either. I know our friends and family would be very supportive, but it's the people of Equestria that I am worried about. What if they don't accept us? What if they make fun of us?" Twilight said with a small amount of worry in her voice.

Luna pulled Twilight closer to her and squeezed her tightly.

"We'll worry about that when the time comes. Right now let's just enjoy what we have right now," Luna told her with a grin.

They closed the book they were reading and cuddled up under the blanket. They were both rather tired, and a nap would be nice. Their yawns were pretty much synchronized.

"Perhaps we should take a nap," chuckled Luna after the third in sync yawn, "I'm tired, and I can only assume you must be after a yawn like that."

"I suppose a quick one wouldn't hurt," Twilight giggled, "I told my friend Rarity to keep Spike very busy."

Luna smiled and nuzzled Twilight softly.

It took them a while to fall asleep despite how tired they both were. While they were awake they spent time planning out how they were going to break it to their friends and family. Neither of them just wanted to go around telling everypony they knew. They both agreed that they wanted that moment to be special. The way they felt sounded much like a proposal in a way; however, they were just going to worry about it when the time came. What they didn't realize is that the time may be coming sooner than they thought.


Spike walked back from Rarity's in the snow. He still couldn't figure out why Twilight had sent him away even though he had chores to do. He did get to spend a lot of time with Rarity, which was way better than chores in his mind, but still he had noticed that for a few weeks now Twilight had been acting odd. He asked once what was going on, but she wouldn't tell him so he didn't bother. He figured either eventually she would tell him or he would convince her spill the beans. He simply wanted to know what she was hiding from him. He shook off the thoughts in his head, probably for the better, and kept working his way through the snow piling up to the Ponyville library. When he finally got to the door he found that it was locked up tight.

"That's odd. Twilight was home when I left and she said she wasn't leaving Ponyville today," he muttered to himself.

He pulled out his keys from his bag and unlocked the door. The lights were off, and it was very quiet. The only source of light was coming from the flames of the fireplace. Spike put his bag down and searched for any sign of Twilight. His head began to swim with different thoughts. Was she ponynapped? Was she hurt? Did she leave and not tell him? These were insane ideas, but he didn't think that they were impossible. Spike took a few deep breaths and recollected his thoughts. He realized everything that he was thinking was silly. Twilight probably was just running some errands or something, and he was sure she would be back at some point. He turned the lights on, and went to his desk to get some work done. As he was writing he caught something in the corner of his eye, something he hadn't noticed when the lights had been off. Someone was on the couch by the looks of it. Spike turned around in his chair and his jaw dropped. Twilight and Princess Luna were asleep on the couch.

"Tw...Twi...Twilight?" stuttered Spike.

Twilight's head bolted up and it turned slowly towards the desk. She had a look of complete fear on her face.

"Sp...Sp...Spike? Wh...what are you doing back so early?" sputtered Twilight in absolute fear.

Spike had a serious look on his face. "Nothing, Rarity and I managed to get all her work for the week done. She wanted me to thank you for sending me over to help, but I have a better question. Is this why you have been acting strange for weeks? Is this why you've been going to Canterlot without me some days and sending we away to others?" he asked.

Twilight hung her head with embarrassment. She didn't want to respond to any of those questions. Spike sounded angry and Twilight remembered last time she made him really angry, he wouldn't speak to her for a week. Luna began to stir and woke up as Twilight was trying to gather her thoughts and come up with a good explanation for what was going one between her and Luna

"Twili, what's wrong?" asked Luna when she saw the look of dread on Twilight's face.

Twilight didn't say a word and Luna turned her head and saw Spike. Her cheeks turned red and she turned away in embarrassment.

"Oh dear, oh no oh no oh no," said Luna in a panic.

They both got off the couch and tried to explain themselves. Spike seemed to have switched into attack mode. He began to persistently question Luna to see if she had done something horrible to Twilight.

"So what did you say to get her to do this huh? What did you promise? Did you use magic? Is she under a trance and doesn't know it? Did you threaten her? What?! Tell me!!," Spike said with pure rage in his voice. He was furious that this was the secret Twilight had been keeping from him.

Luna was overwhelmed by the questions. "I would never hurt Twilight. She is very special to me," whispered Luna timidly.

Spike then turned to Twilight. "What did she do to you? Do I need to tell Princess Celestia?"

"NO!!!" yelled Luna and Twilight simultaneously.

Spike crossed his arms. "I just might have to since you're both acting rather suspicious," he snarled.

He grabbed a sheet of parchement and a quill from the table nearby and began to write, but the quill and parchment caught on fire by a spell from Twilight. She and Luna were really in a serious panic now. They needed to stop this before something bad happened.

"Spike, please let us explain," pleaded Twilight.

Spike turned around and crossed his arms. "I'm listening," he told them roughly.

Twilight looked and Luna and then began to speak. Spike was about to be the first person to find out about there secret.

"Spike Luna and I are...well...I guess there is no other way to say this... Spike we are in a relationship," said Twilight nervously.

Spike unfolded his arms but he was still glaring. Twilight continued to speak, and she could feel tears building up in her eyes.

"The reason I have been either going to Canterlot alone or sending you away is because we have been using that time to spend together alone. We didn't tell you or anypony else because we aren't ready to announce our relationship to anyone yet. I'm sorry that you were in the dark this whole time, and please understand that if I felt comfortable enough to tell you I would," said Twilight.

She sounded on the verge of tears. Spike's anger subsided and he didn't want to let Twilight continue. However she started before he could stop her.

"Please...please forgive me Spike...please," cried Twilight.

Twilight broke down, and started crying. Luna embraced her and cooed her all while glaring at Spike. Spike felt terrible. He had never made Twilight cry before. He had also never yelled at her before like that. He didn't know what came over himself. He just was worried about her and protective instincts just seemed to kick in. He wanted to apologize, but Luna was still comforting Twilight. It was only when she finally stopped crying that he got his chance.

"Twilight I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. I was just worried about you. Something just sort of happened and all I wanted to do was protect you and make sure you were okay. I'm so sorry Twilight," he told her sincerely.

Twilight wiped some tears from her eyes, and then smiled at Spike.

"I know you didn't, and I understand," she said.

Twilight came over and gave Spike a tight hug. He then proceeded to apologize to Luna for how he yelled at her, and she accepted his apology.

"But did you really have to keep this a secret? I mean I wouldn't have told anypony unless you said I could," said Spike.

Twilight wiped the stray tears from her eyes. "Well...we didn't want to be judged. It's not really friends and family we are worried about. It's other ponies. Stuff like this spreads like a disease, and Luna and I aren't ready for that," said Twilight.

Spike understood, and he said that nobody would find out. He then turned to Luna to apologize to her.

"I'm so sorry Princess. I didn't mean to say those things. I'm sure you do care a lot about Twilight, and if she is happy then so am I," said Spike.

Luna smiled at Spike and accepted his apology. "Don't worry. I understand you just wanted to make sure she was safe. Know that I would never let anything bad happen to Twilight. I care for her deeply, for she was my first friend and much more than that now," said Luna.

These word were reassuring to Spike. He promised for the third time that nopony would find out until they were ready to make the announcement. Twilight was glad that things had not gone as bad as they could have. Luna was special to her, but so was Spike; after all, Spike's friendship was not worth losing.

Author's Note:

So...sorry this took so long to get out. It probably could have been posted last week I just kind of forgot that my editor had sent me the edits to it. I hope this is a bit better then the first two chapters. Also sorry that it's so short but I kind of ran out of ideas. Trust me when I say that it was much shorter before I added a bit more to it. Anyway enjoy and I'll try to do the next one ASAP.