• Published 9th Nov 2012
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To Love a Mare - Mayhem Darkshadow

What starts off as a simple sleep over for Twilight and Equestria's Princess of the Night turns into an adventure filled with love, romance, lies, trials, friendship, and forgiveness. Though many ponies will question what happens they remain str

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The Sleepover

Written by: Mayhem Darkshadow


Chapter 1: What Shall We Do Then?

Princess Luna paced around her bedroom trying to come up with something to entertain herself with. This was the second week in a row that she would do nothing but pace around her room trying to think of something fun, in fact she was pretty sure she had managed to wear a rut in the floor. She was new to the whole idea of fun but she wasn't about to give up so easily.

"There must be something that I could do for fun," said Luna to herself.

She looked over at the big screen TV and all the video game consoles. Celestia had bought her these to help her adjust to the modern world. Luna was good at gaming, too good in fact because she had beaten every game she had for every console and whenever she tried to play online nobody would play with her because she was too good. So the TV and consoles sat uselessly on the dresser.

She flopped onto her enormous bed and stared at the ceiling. She was so bored she started counting the number of starts that had been stitched into her bed canopy, which didn't take that long.

"Two hundred and twenty," she said to herself.

This was beginning to get very annoying, she had nothing to do. Celestia was sleeping so she couldn't play or talk to her; she didn't want to bother the guards or the castle staff because she would just be keeping them from their duties. Who could she spend some time and have fun with, who?

Luna bolted up from her bed with sudden realization.

"Of course how could we...I be so stupid," she said aloud, "Twilight Sparkle our closest friend. Surely she could be a source of entertainment for us...me."

Luna was very happy for a long period of time, but then she looked at the clock and went back to moping.

"But it's too late at night and we...I don't want to disturb her sleep," she said out loud.

Luna flopped back onto her bed, but then she bolted back up again.

"Maybe we could have one of those, what did Celestia call them...sleepovers I think they were called," said Luna.

Luna got up from her bed and went to her desk. She pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill and began to write.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

We were wondering if you would maybe like to come to the Palace tomorrow evening and partake in a sleepover. If you are busy and cannot make it then we understand and we maybe hope that there is some other time this could happen. Please send a response ASAP so that we can plan accordingly.

Princess Luna

Luna read over the letter she had written and when she felt it was ready she used her magic to send it to Twilight via her baby dragon Spike. Luna just hoped that she would be able to come over tomorrow, this boredom was driving her insane.


Twilight woke up to the wonderful smell of breakfast, as well as the sound of clinking pots and pans. It sounded like Spike was making breakfast. She got out of bed and stretched her legs. She had what was probably the best night of sleep of her life. She decided to go to bed before midnight, which almost gave Spike a heart attack. She rubbed her eyes and then went downstairs to the kitchen. Spike was at work making pancakes, scrambled eggs, and hay bacon.

"Hard at work are we?" asked Twilight.

Spike looked over from the stove and smiled.

"Well I was craving everything I'm making and decided to whip it all up. I invited everyone over for Sunday brunch if you don't mind," said Spike.

Brunch? Twilight looked at the clock and realized it was 11:00 AM.

"Oh no it's eleven I'm going to be behind on my work," said Twilight with a bit of panic in her voice.

"Calm down Twilight I made this brunch so you could relax and spend some time with your friends," said Spike with a bit of anger in his voice.

Twilight felt bad for what she said and her ears fell down.

"I'm sorry Spike I just had a panic moment there. I hope I didn't make you feel underappreciated," said Twilight.

"It's alright Twilight. On a different note you got a letter this morning. It's sitting on the table," said Spike.

Twilight sat down at the table and picked up the letter that was sitting on her plate. She opened it a read it thoroughly, it was a very intriguing and thought provoking letter.

"Is it from Princess Celestia?" asked Spike.

"No it's from Princess Luna. She wants to know if I want to come to Canterlot tonight and have a sleepover with her," said Twilight.

"Are you going to go?" asked Spike.

"Well I don't know Spike, I'm behind on my work and I really think I need to stay home and do some work," said Twilight.

"Come on Twilight go and have some fun. You're like Princess Luna's only friend and I'm sure she doesn't normally do anything when she's alone. It would probably mean the world to her if you showed up," said Spike.

Twilight thought about what Spike said. She really was Princess Luna's only friends. It was sad but it was true. She taught Luna how to have fun last Nightmare Night and Luna had so much fun. Princess Celestia had noticed this and had asked Twilight to send letters to Luna. This happened for awhile but then the letters from Luna stopped coming, that and Twilight kind of forgot about it.

"Alright Spike clear up by schedule for the evening I'm going to go to the sleepover," said Twilight.

Twilight went and got a piece of parchment and wrote a response to Luna. She had Spike send it out and just in time because there was a knock on the door. All her friends showed up right on time for Sunday brunch. Twilight cleared her head and told herself that today she was going to have fun, and tonight she was going to make sure that she and Luna had fun.


Luna had gotten Twilight's response and was filled with unusual joy. She couldn't wait for Twilight to come over so they could have some fun. Then she realized that she had no idea what to do at a sleepover. She herself had never had one. Before Twilight was do to arrive she went to the Canterlot Library and tried to do research on what to do at a sleepover. She found nothing and started to get worried. She sure hoped that Twilight would have some ideas.

Around six o'clock Luna got a knock on her door.

"Your Highness, Twilight Sparkle is here," said the guard.

"Send her in," said Luna.

The door opened and Twilight walked into the room. She had never been in Luna's room before, but she had been in Celestia's when she was filly. The room was the same size as Celestia's, in fact the only difference seemed to be the color scheme. Celestia's room was white with vibrant colors, whereas Luna's was dark blues and black. It was still very nice.

"Hello Twilight Sparkle, we...I thank you for coming," said Luna.

Twilight noticed that Luna had used I instead of the royal "we" like she normally did.

"Princess Celestia said that you had been going to a speech therapist. I just noticed you said I instead of we," said Twilight.

"Oh yes our...my sister wants the best for me and it does seem to be helping," said Luna.

Twilight set her saddle bags down and then looked at Luna.

"So, what shall we do then Twilight Sparkle? I have never partaken in one of these sleepovers," said Luna.

"Oh...well I'm not exactly an expert myself. I've only had one and it wasn't exactly the best. But I have a book that could help us," said Twilight.

Twilight grabbed a book from her saddle bag, it was the same book that she used when she had a sleepover with Applejack and Rarity. It had helped, slightly. The first half of the sleepover went way wrong, but the second half was much better. Twilight opened the book and look through it just to remind herself of how to go about this.

"Well Luna, there are lots of things we can do. We can play games, tell stories, gossip, do each other’s hair, or even have a pillow fight. We really just need to have fun, which I'm sure is something that you want," said Twilight.

Luna smiled, she liked having fun.

"Alright Twilight Sparkle fun sound good," said Luna.

"Please Luna, just call me Twilight," said Twilight.

"Okay then. Well Twilight I just have one question, what is a pillow fight?" asked Luna.

"Oh, well I guess the whole purpose is to throw and smack each other with pillows," said Twilight.

Luna's horn irrupted with magic and the pillows that were on her bed shot at Twilight with blinding speed. Twilight was happy that they were pillows, because they were going really fast. The pillows kept hitting Twilight until she was buried under pillows. Twilight emerged from the pillows with her head spinning. The static electricity from the pillows had caused Twilight's mane and tail to frizz up. Luna fell to the ground, laughing her head off. Twilight looked in the mirror; she could see why Luna was laughing.

"Well, I don't think pillows are suppose to fly that fast, but it was exciting," said Twilight.

She took a step forward out of the pillow pile and grabbed her head. Luna got a worried look on her face.

"I'm sorry Twilight did I hurt you?" asked Luna.

Twilight shook her head and then felt a bit better.

"No I'm okay, but maybe we should stay away from the pillow fights. I know they are pillows, but they still hurt just a little bit," said Twilight.

"Well good, now why don't you let me fix your mane and tail," said Luna.

Luna had Twilight climb up on her bed while she got her hair brush and other beauty supplies. She climbed behind Twilight and then went about brushing the static out of her main and tail. Twilight was surprised how ginger and careful Luna was with her mane, she really seemed to know what she was doing. Luna got her mane back to how it normally looked and then went about braiding parts of her mane into multiple braids.

"Well Luna, I'm quite surprised that you...well know your salon techniques so well," said Twilight.

She hoped that she would not offend Luna by saying this, and she was quite happy that she didn't.

"My sister and I use to do this kind of thing all the time. I guess I didn't forget how to do this even after being trapped in the moon for a thousand years," said Luna.

She finished with Twilight's hair and Twilight went to the mirror and looked at it. It was mind blowing how good it was. Twilight didn't really know much about styling, something that always seemed to drive Rarity nuts, so she kind of just brushed it out every morning and called it good. Luna had done a really good job.

"Wow Luna this is amazing, I wish I could do the same thing with your hair, but I don't know much about this kind of stuff," said Twilight.

Twilight looked around the room, stopping for a second to take note that it had started snowing. She then noticed all the video games that were sitting on the dresser.

"I didn't know that you liked video games Luna?" said Twilight.

Luna got up from the bed and came over. "Oh yes, Celestia gave them to me in hopes that they would keep me entertained. They did for awhile but I guess I'm a good gamer because I've beat them all and nobody online will play with me," said Luna, "Why, are you a gamer to?"

"Well I wouldn't say that I am a serious gamer, but I've played some things here and there," said Twilight.

Luna smiled and turned on the TV and the Ponystation 3.

"Have you ever played Super Pony Battle 5?" asked Luna.

"No, but I've played Pony Battle 2 once," said Twilight.

Luna gave Twilight a controller and then they started playing. Right off the back Luna came to a conclusion, Twilight had lied to her. Luna still beat her in every round that they played, but it was just barely. When they finally had had enough Luna shut off the console and TV and then laughed a little bit.

"You lied to me Twilight Sparkle, you are a lot better at video games then you claimed to be," said Luna with a laugh

"Well, maybe just a little bit," said Twilight.

They both yawned, they didn't even realize that it was one o'clock in the morning. They had played video games for five hours.

"Well, shall we go to bed then?" asked Twilight.

"Of course," said Luna.

They both got ready for bed in Luna's bathroom and then climbed into Luna's giant bed. Not only was it very comfortable, but it was huge. Luna shut off the lights and then closed the curtains on the bed to shut out most of the light. Luna noticed that Twilight had left a lot of space between the two of them. Something clicked in the back of Luna's mind, an awkward question she wanted to ask Twilight.

"Twilight," said Luna quietly to see if she was awake.

Twilight turned over and looked at Luna.

"Mmmhmm," said Twilight.

"Would...would...would you maybe like to cuddle?" asked Luna.

Twilight thought about what Luna had asked. Part of her wanted to say she'd rather not, but most of her for some reason wanted to.

"Umm...sure," said Twilight.

She flipped back around and moved closer to Luna until her back was rubbing up against Luna's belly. She was quite warm. Luna wrapped her hooves around Twilight and then used magic to pull the covers over her. If either of them could have read each other’s mind they would realize that they were thinking the same thing, was it alright for two mares to cuddle as they slept?

Author's Note:

(3/15/2013)- This is in the process of being edited so as to make for a better read. Will swap this out with the new one when I get it back