• Published 3rd Jan 2012
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Downfall of Equestria - Shadow Storm

A civil war between the Solar Empire and the New Lunar Republic.

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Chapter III: Beginning of the End

A couple weeks have passed since we took control over the fort, which we now claimed as Fort Eclipse. Moral rose significantly since then. The war wasn’t going in our favor, since the Solar Empire practically ruled the entire country of Equestria. We were run out and now we have ended up in the Badlands, a region of nothing but towers of mountains and rivers every now and then.

I sometimes saw Cosette every now and then, but knowing she was still just a soldier as well as Princess Luna’s daughter, and me being a Black Squadron guard, we couldn’t see each other as much as we liked. Sometimes we would sneak off duty and just hang out, talking about what we did that day and how our lives were going. She always had the better interesting stories though, while I had nothing worth telling. All I did then was patrol the camp and occasionally walk next to Luna’s side while she was out walking.

A storm was brewing and it was a nasty one. Everypony was told to stay in their tents because it was so severe. The Black Squadron guards had to stay outside and protect the camp, however. Hours past as I stood in the storm, wanting something to happen. I got exactly that, as I heard weird noises coming from behind me. I turned my head, and began to walk over in the direction of the noise. It was coming from behind a few tents. Slowly I walked over behind it as I was quickly overwhelmed and jumped by hooded soldiers. Everything happened so quickly my mind couldn’t operate fast enough to react. Eventually I found myself on the ground with all four hooves tied. My mouth was also tied up so I was unable to yell for help.

One of the hooded mares stepped forward and shook the hood off. My eyes narrowed onto the mare, trying to focus through the darkness of the storm. The mare’s mane was multiple colors, like a rainbow. It was the only thing I could make out at this point. She smiled ominously as she sat down in front of me, coming close to my head.

“I’m sorry, but nopony is going to help you. The storm we created is loud enough to cover up any noises you make, even this close to a tent.” She whispered very loudly, loud enough so I could hear her over the rain.

“We’re going to assassinate your Princess, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us.”She began to laugh quietly as she stood back up, looking at the other hooded ponies.

“Let’s go and get it done before they investigate where this guard went.” She said as she left with the other hooded attackers.

Shortly after they left, I struggled to get loose when I was suddenly being dragged by somepony. I looked when I saw it wasn’t a hooded mare, but I still didn’t know who it was. I squinted my eyes, trying to make out the mysterious pony, who turned out to be a stallion. He was white, with a blue mane, now dark due to the rain. Suddenly I realized it was none other than my old friend, Iron Shock.

He untied my mouth, enabling me to talk again. I felt my hooves begin to move around as well. I was completely untied now, and I had to act fast in order to stop the assassins from succeeding.

“Thanks, but we need to hurry! They’re going to assassinate Luna!” I shouted, quickly rushing over to Luna’s tent.

Without hesitation, I ran inside, quickly spotting the few hooded mares standing in front of the rainbow mane one. I quickly pushed my way through the group, tackling the rainbow mane, creating a loud thump as we began to brawl on the ground. I heard commotion behind me, which lead me to believe that Iron Shock was fighting with the other hooded ponies.

Rainbow mane was quick to get on her feet again as she bit me and pushed me off. She then got on top of me, her hooves slamming on each of mine, preventing me to move. One of the hooded ponies not fighting with Iron gave rainbow mane the dagger as she drew close to me. Fortunately, the loud racket caused Luna to awake. I looked over to her as she found me on the ground with rainbow mane moments away from killing me. Luna’s horn started to glow its brilliant blue color as rainbow mane and the other hooded ponies also began to glow. They quickly were thrown into one big pile, unable to escape Luna’s magical grasp.

“You two, tie them up.” Luna commanded.

Luna’s voice sounded a little cranky, and understanding she just woke up, I wouldn’t want to be rainbow mane right now. Using the rope they used to tie me up, I tied all of the hooded mares up as tightly as I could. After I was done, Luna’s magic wore off, relieving its grip on the group of ponies now tied up.

“Let me guess, my sister sent you to come and assassinate me.”

Rainbow mane struggled to get free, but she was tied up tight with no way to get loose. She looked up at Luna with a cold expression on her face.

“Yes, she sent me here to kill you. I would have gotten away with it too, if this ‘guard’ hadn’t barged in on us with his friend here.”

Rainbow mane turned her attention towards me, and then Iron Shock, giving us equally dour looks. Luna looked on the ground and noticed the small dagger rainbow mane was about to use to kill her. She picked it up with her magic and levitated it over to rainbow mane. Suddenly I heard a thump behind me as I looked and saw Iron Shock fall to the ground. I noticed a hooded mare, who was apparently hiding from the event, standing over Iron whom she had just knocked out. She pulled out a dagger and threw it towards Luna. Luckily I was able to tackle Luna out of the way. Using the opportunity, the hooded mare freed the others, and they all escaped, including rainbow mane.

I quickly got off of Luna and looked towards the entrance of the tent, now realizing they were gone. Luna got up, now fully awake and stood next to me, looking down at me with a still tired, yet happy look on her face.

“Thank you, Shadow. You saved me... my sister must pay for her actions, and I think I know just what to do.”

She walked over to the entrance of the tent, looking out in the rain. She turned her head to me, this time with a serious expression on her face.

“Shadow, gather the Black Squadron and tell them to come here. There will be an important meeting.”

I did as she asked going outside to gather the Black Squadron. When I went out this time, the rain was slowly subsiding until it died off, leaving puddles and the fresh scent of rain. I went back in the tent, followed by the Black Squadron. Once we were all inside the tent, Luna had awaken Iron Shock, who was now standing next to me.

“I am about to ask you to complete a very dangerous task. I don’t know if any of you will return in the process.”

I looked around and saw everypony looking at each other as well. We all faced our attention to Luna once again as she continued to speak.

“You are the best of the best. There is no other pony I can rely on to complete this task. Please do this, for me, for the New Lunar Republic.”

She put a hoof on her chest, looking sincere. I stood there for a moment, waiting for anypony to reply. There was dead silence. I looked at Luna’s face as she seemed defeated. She put her hoof down, along with her head. Her ears flopped down as she closed her eyes. I stepped forward, taking a great leap out of my comfort zone. Suddenly, her ears perked up and her eyes opened. She raised her head and looked up as I looked at her smiling.

“I’ll do it Princess. For you, for the soldiers, for the Republic.”

Shortly after, Iron Shock also walked forward. I looked over to him as he too began to smile.

“I’m in too. It’s time to end this war once and for all.”

Eagle and Wolf also stepped forward and agreed to do it as well. Tomorrow the war would end one way or another. I hoped this moment would come, when Celestia’s tyranny was ended and harmony was once again restored to Equestria. My thoughts suddenly turned to Cosette again. If this war ended, we could finally spend more time together. My spirits were high for the day we would attempt this. We were given a week to prepare.

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